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CUSCCommunion Under Special Circumstances: form for celebrating Holy Eucharist in private settings, such as homes, hospitals, or nursing centers.
MMRMonthly Membership Report
TSTaylor Swift
IMVUInstant Messenger of Virtual You
AVGAutomatic Volume Control
SPDSpecial Delivery
WAKOWe always kill opponents
We always kill opponentsIt's used for some stupid soccer abbreviation
AAPIAmerican association of physicians of Indian origin
SOFUStack Overflow + Server Fault + Super User. The trilogy of original StackExchange sites. This term is archaic; there are 162 sites today (Jan 2017).
YDUKWhy Don't You Know?
ASC12Accredited Standards Committee X12
ROHRoot of Happiness
OTKISO 639-2 code for Old Turkish (Old Turkic languages)
BQLBrowsing Query Language
CYPLCenter for Youth Philanthropy and Leadership
DSRDaily sales and receipts.
SIFBSleep is for billionaires
W7Windows 7
BORMCBrothers of Resistance Motorcycle Club

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