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SHCsocial health care
LWDALabor & Workforce Development Agency
BYRbe right back
ADIAttitude Display Indicator
IIYI love you (your)
GGFUgoodie goodie f*** u
DGTDon't Google That
WMOSWarehouse Management Open Systems
DUHMDo you hate me
DMADistributed Media Application
NTLMNetwork Lan Manager
PDCPlanning, Design and Compliance consultants
ARDMSAmerican Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography
MPSIMillion Pounds Per Square Inch
PESAPanchayat Extension to Schedule Areas
BOEBasis of Engineering
ILI love
AARPAnother Asshole Republican Politician
SOTBSon of the bitch
HUITAHUITA is an acronym for hands up in the air
SPIEGELEISpiegelei is a fried egg with the sunny side up. Spiegel means mirror in German . So the York is ment to be shiny like a mirror.
TGOTramendous Grasp of the Obvious
Ccirca - about
MLAFMouvement de Libération des Amandiers Fleuris

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