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RFDReady for dyeing delivery
GOOMCGetting Off Of My Computer
PNAPossessive Noun Adjective
SNSubject Noun
DODirect Object
ARTRarthur ready to race
AFas fuck
LMAOLizards May Ask Okay
PER RECTrectally
CESMComposition-Environment-Structure-Mechanism system (meta)model
MECMinimum Essential Coverage
OSFOpen Source File
TDFTotal Duty Forgone
HUMONGOUS BIGHEADIt means Headboy. It means Percy Weasley. Percy Weasley is a Humongous Bighead
SHUUSHUUclimaxing with your clothes on
GTTGirl Talking/Talk Time
BCVBook, Chapter, and Verse - a means to find a specific sentence in the Bible
KEEPING IT REALRefuse Explain Leave Avoid
IN-OPInoperable -something that does not work
CWRECertified Water Right Examiner
ADDIDASAll Damn Day I Dream About Sports
LELMy Leaking Enters Lamb
BRVBrick Rigs Vehicle file extension format

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