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GDOMGo down on me
TYITest Your Intollerance
NORBENNordics and Benelux
FTFace time
MLDDMachine Learning Meetup Dresden
DREDirect Rectal Extraction
HWJPHow Would Jesus Play?
C9Failing to capture/save an objective due to being intent on getting eliminations
OWWCOverwatch World Cup
IBLWInternational Brotherhood if Lazy Workers
FLSWFellow of the Learned Society of Wales
EBMEElectronic Biomedical Engineer
PKQPhilosopher King/Queen
CATControlled Assessment Task
NCR-CETNo Coaching Required College of Emerging Technologies
CLGDColin Louis Gonzalez Duburc
SCREAMS- situation, C - circumstance, R - respect, E - education, A-attitude, M-make
AFAs fuck
FOPFeminine Odor Problem
LAELocal Area Emergency
MOMCMethod Of Measurement Obtainment
4EAFor Enterprise Administrator

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