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VIRUSVirtual information under seize
GASGreat American Stupidity
WIFEWonderful Innovation For Economize
DMLBDominant-Mummy-Little-Boy. A different type of the DDLG relationship
OLMSOracle Learning Management System
WIFEWIFE - Wonderful Innovation For Economize
DVADimensional Variation Analysis
MPIMagnetic Particle Inspection
BRONCHO-leader of the pack or a cool kid with a fade hairstyle or a fuckboy who doesn't know how he also does it
GFGeometry First
OTCGOff The Chain Gang - An Austin, Texas record label started by Qmaine OTCG.
AHMAAustrian Holocaust Memorial Award
TBNRThrowing Bananas Never Return
AAUAAll Assam Unemployed Association
KOSDFFKOSDFF is an abbreviation for the words Kill On Sight, Don't F*** Flinch.
HSEHand Safe Edge
FLUOROQUINOLONEPermanent disability and possible death.
RMPZR&M Intermodal Trucking Company Chassis Prefix
OBIE TRICEthis is russian for 'we are both three' a hint at his desire for a real family. also a play on the name of russian band obi dve 'both the two'
YQYYasss Queen, yassss.
RULESRidiculously Used Language Encouraging Stoppage of fun
HIGNFYHave I got news for you

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