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FPDFire Protection District
WWFWords With Friends
WORLBA universe thats made by a worlbler.
JPNDSJust Pushed Nan Down The Stairs
FASCIST OLD XENOPHOBESWhat the “FOX” in Fox News stands for
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PTMPredictive Text Message
VOKRAVancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association
ATTSAll Types Transportation Sevices
rootRefers to the base of a filesystem tree
BLOCQUa street or ball court.
LBMSLong Branch Middle School
GETüRKTIn Germany if something is 'getürkt' it means it's a fraud. Problematic term, because 'Türken' are Turkish people. So you can get the idea that Turkish people are prone to commit frauds.
KAPOSAKratzer Automation Project Oriented Software Agility
SSSeasame Street
UKUgly Kids
P.EPablo Escobar
PLMPu La Mea
ISSOInformation Systems Security & Operations
S2Shrek 2
KUPKeep Updated Please
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laughing your ass offLaughing kinda hard till your ass falls off.
HYBHow you been

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