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MCOMonocone Charity Organization
LOGICLeft originating giant interdimensional cloud
ADRAREAssociation pour la Découverte et la Réalisation d'Applications en Robotique et Electronique
NSnormal saline
DJdick juice
MCSIMix Channel State Information
CIRPCorporate Insolvency Resolution Process
EDCTEthylene dichloride plus carbon tetrachloride
STWBSmall Town White Boy
TDOBThe Demon of Borders, aka the vinteo gramer.
CFChem Fun
CYCCan you call
LDBLiquor Distribution Branch
DNSdo not start
RDOrequired days out
PFRPretty fricking ridiculous
MUAMake Up Air
DGTSDon't give two shits
EPDELECTRONIC Processing Department in a company which handles all matters pertaining to company server & control of the toal electronic media.
YWKMYou are welcome
IDLE QUESTIONThis is not an acronym or abbreviation. It means a question asked with no urgent need for an answer. A question asked out of mild curiosity. A question asked when bored or idle.
T&PDT&PD (Training And Placement department) (BUSINESS)
Weckuptotheesa shaggy-dog story told by what modern soldiers call a 'REMF.'

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