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RSTLURandom Shortcut To Look Up
SCMESocially Controlled Market Economy
SKMWSozial Kontrollierte MarktWirtschaft
asapa southern animal pig
DJa guy m8
EBM emagency brodcast systema typhoon is hitting
WLALWe live and learn
JN1Jewish News One
2CV2nd Commandment Violation
RSJRigid supporting joints
BDNBig Dick Now
SCMSmall Cock Mode--Driving excessively fast and aggressively for no apparent reason.
PBBKPersbråten Basketball Klubb
C OF ACertificate of Analysis
TORShort for Tor
DADumb Ass
NVDMNão Vai Dar Mesmo
UKBFUnited Kingdom Border Force
FSDFunctional specification document
KCIts short of name of a film in India : Kismat Connection.
SBWshift by wire
SpELSpring Expression Language
CPOHcontractors profit overhead expence
OVERNEATHTo be above and below, but not completely. Example: The mountain sits overneath the crust of the earth.
RDTRRun Down The Rival

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