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ICTFI'm Close To Finishing
IMAFI Succ The Good Succ
IMAGEDeez Nutz On Your Chin Boi
PBUPlace for Bins, You
RRBSRail Replacement Bus Service
NIKENow Islamic Kingdom On Earth
UCAMAUkrainian Canadian Archives and Museum of Alberta
ACUAAlberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts
DELTADoesn't Ever Leave on Time for Anything
SS&HSocial Sciences & Humanities
S4SSh*t 4chan Says
AVALwww.aval-egypt.com AVAL L.L.C Egypt Cairo Security system
CWRCertified Wildlife Rehabilitator
PHNWPublic Holiday No Work
LDDAbb. For the Low Down n' Dirty hot rod and lowrider car club Also seen as LDnD
LDNDAbb. For the "Low Down n' Dirty" hot rod and lowrider car club based in London England. Sometimes seen as LDDcc The small lower case c's represents car club, as mc does to moter cycle
JWAXWax made of jizz
VWVEThis is a 3Ø oil circuit recloser (OCR). V:Vacuum W:Class of breaker V:High Voltage E:Electronic
GUNDELEROAnother word for rude bwoy, gangster.
ISSOULa Chancla ! El banador. Yatangaki !
ONLINEOxygen Nail Love Ice Now Extra
ANTONAttractive Nice Terminator on Notes
MAGICManly Anton goes in Collage

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