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GFKGhost Face Killah
LIMASINDIALalu's Integrated Medical Appliances & Services India
BEYAKINickname for Beyonce because she wears so much Yaki hair (weave).
UKPullu ka pattha
SWAGSatan Will do the Angel fall in his Garden
SCVSpace construction vehicle
BRBRBBath Room Be Right Back
2R1In French it stands for "de rien" which means "you're welcome!" if somebody thanked you.
ZWELITHINI MACINGWANEZwelithini means ''what does the world say'' then Macingwane is his clan name.
ZDSZa dom spremni
AHSalien hand syndrome
BFFFLBest Friend For Fucking Life
CWDComment when done
PPFPounds Per Feet
FMLF*ck My Laziness
YOGOYour only gay once
WTBPWant to be perfect
SDRMStonehouse Drilling, Rotary steerable and Motors
P I S SProblems, Issues, Suggestions, Solutions
RAF- Rapidly Accelerated FibrosarcomaThe RAF proteins are a family of kinases that serve as an intermediary in transmitting extracellular signals from growth factor receptors in the RAS-RAF pathway, a type of MAPK signaling pathway. This pathway controls cell growth, cell proliferation, and cell differentiation.
CTRCost Time Resources
PHRPer Hundred Resin
LITESLonghaul Infrastructure Transmission Engineering Support

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