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DOLDivisional Operations Leader
KEDCIt has relation with unities in equivalent distillation by thousands.
CFACustomer Focus Audit
KYSKeep Yourself Safe
DAOEDoes anyone else
SLKAbbreviation for slick
DITWDead In The Water
DCMDesired Configuration Management
PVEProvision Events
DFODDiploma in Forensic ODontology
POCPile of Crap
JWMIJack Welch Management Institute
HOSAYHosay generally defines as Hussain, in fact it is composition of two words Roza (Shrine) and Hussain (the grandson of Prophet Muhammad). Hosay is also used with Tadjah, which is derived from Arabic word Taziah (now only applied in mourning). In Shiite religious practice Taziah applied for shrines of Martyred of Karbala.
UTCUp The Clarets
GIJGod Is Just
TGYFTruck Grind Your Face
ASHMSArmy Safety Health Management System
BINPBack In Nice Pussy
FALFMLA Annual Leave
B03Best of three
MTXEMental Toughness Extra Effort
DUANE SYDROMEgenetic disease
HEAD BOYShort for "Use Your Head, Boy"
RDDRequested Delivery Date
DWYDon't wet yourself

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