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YIY! (yiy)Yiy! (Exclamation) what someone can say as an exchange word for 'yikes', showing uncertain suprise or another way of saying "that was close"; can be used to mean something along the lines of "damn, I can't believe it!", "That's sucky," or can be understood as an excited, scared, or a relieved reply to an event, conversation or situation.
CN TOWERCanadian National Tower
QUALITY POINT RATIOThis is the old academic terminology used to express what is known today as a students 'GPA' grade point average. A calculated value based on a graded scale value for each course divided by that number of courses taken for credit
FAITHFull Access In The Heaven
overagean additional quantity of a pharmaceutical ingredient, above the required formulation quantity which is added to compensate for losses during the manufacturing of a drug product
WDYBWhy Don't you. Yes But
FLSPFunctional Logistic Service Provider
HARUHow old are you
PFIPending further investigation.
BIERZMOWANIEPolish name of Catholic's "Confirmation".
FIMF*** It Mountain
KMSKill My Self
MPLMulti-crew pilot licence
WS6It's a specific performance package on Trans Ams. It has a specific ram air box, beefier suspension and brakes plus badging. The last one was built in 2002.
E-100WW2 German super heavy Tank.
TACARENATraining And Consulting Arena
YICLYoung Innovative Christian Leaders
SBATSports bets and tips
LTOLight Tight Oil
ISKOInternational Sports Knowledge Olympiad
TCTTotal Crush Tuesday
SCHOOLSeveral Crappy Hours Of Our Lives
NTLXA shortened sub-brand/URL link shortening abbreviation for the web company Netluxe, Inc. - based in Los Angeles, CA (netluxe dot net)

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