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VSLVolume of Sacred Law
SYWslit your wrists
AlphaNetAlphanetisation for ICT Networking
HLCNHaveson Leadership Coaching and Network
VKCVanilla King Court - an indie band from Northern California
DSTDivision of Sides Theorem: A line parallel to one side of a triangle divides the other two sides in the same ratio
DICKDemonstrate Independence Calmness Kindness
OECAn overseas employment certificate OEC
CHAFCanadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund
NECINational Education Consulting Inc.
CBAcan't be arsed
RFDDreserve for discount on debtors
GIMP clothingGod Is My Purpose. - Yak Boy Fresh clothing line
UMFCCIUnion of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry
CICTTCAST/ICAO Common Taxonomy Team
MALICMA in Leading Innovation and Change
EXPexecution points
TBCTo Be Certified
Square HectareHectares are already square, there is no such thing as a square hectare..
BBHRBoston Born Hood Raised
DEcamDark Energy Camera
PUNTWhat means punt
YLTYannah Linguist Team
4EVAfor ever

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