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SOESwag Over Everything
BTHTWbig time high tempered wierdo
MengEvil as the devil this demon is the serving hand of the devil
ABFarkansas best freight
BHMBBade Hoke Maal banegi
WAWorlds Apart
CTSChicago Telephone Supply
UAIuntil and including
VMVisible Minority
STGSonar Technician Surface
GADGas Appliances Directive
EDCEagleridge Devlopment Corporation
MNSMaharashtra Navnirman Sena time
DHFDiastolic Heart Failure
VIUvisual internal urethrotomy
TGIFTo get into fairyland
SBFSavannah Book Festival
IWBIrritated White Boy
SITBSex in the butt
S/Csort code
B8Tmy house, or my home, in Arabic (baytee)
NSKNo Specific Kind

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