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IHImmaculate Heart
WYDWould You Date?
ASHITOSHa name of lord ganesha
AJApple Juice
SPPNSmall Pilgrim Places Network
TRTTrick r treat
AFFAmerica's Future Foundation
AAIArab American Institute
SVVSSoftware Verification and Validation Specification
exceptionaldoing what has to be done to get byE.g. in life, in sports, in school etc...
Objective Negotiated EntenteA war group that has been shut down.
HWSNBNHe Who Shall Not Be Named
DUALDiffusing Update ALgorithm
IBFPIn Before Fighter Pilot
cdtCadet. Cadet is a person undergoing some sort of disciplinary cadet, Police cadet.
BACABridgeport Aquaculture College Allianca
LBPLester B(Bowls) Pearson
PLProperty Line
DANDumb ass nigger
JMMProper Noun. Pet Name for Jason Michael Miller. Other commonly used & appropriate nicknames: JM&M, JM2, or just jasonmichaelmiller
GBP PAGreat British Pounds per annum.
OFANoptical fiber access network
PGODPug Gang or Die
ROFFLRolling on the Freaking Floor Laughing (polite form)
KYPKeep you posted

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