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CVICounter Violence Institute
GUALGo Up A Level
ABCDAny Body Can Dance
KANASHIMIsad, sorrowful, depressed, blue, unhappy, miserable, gloomy, melancholic, mournful, downcast, dejected, despondant, disconsolate, woeful, doleful, forlorn, woebegone, wretched, in low spirits, low, downhearted, broken-hearted, sick at heart, grieving, down in the dumps/mouth/pits,depressing, unfortunate, sorry, unsetting, distresing, dispiriting, heart-rending, pitiful, pitiable, grievous, tragic, disastrous, calamitous, pessimistic, hopeless...deplorable, regrettable, pathetic, shameful, disgraceful.
CRLFCar Running Lets Fire...
MACRMaster of the American college of rheumatology
HQRPHigh Quality Replacement Part
CDEcumulative dissipated energy
DSACDeep Space Atomic ClockThe most stable clock to fly in space. Launch in 2015.
ISYPi see you pee
JOULZJoulz is a shortened version of the name Julie
RIWRest In War
MCmost common
ROFLMAORolling on floor laughing my ass off
SEsystem education
NPNotice Period
WITWWhat in the World?
OMAOh My Arceus
ILUi like you
PCMPer calendar month
2 BZ 4 U QT TTYL XOXToo buzy for you cutie talk to you later hugs kisses hugs
EMHEfficient-Market Hypothesis

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