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RESINTResearch Intelligence
PMethamphetamine (contracted from N-methylamphetamine)
NDHBNorthland District Health Board
RHA /RHSA ?RHA refers to holds list in public library in Oakland,Ca. RHSA REFERS TO EXPIRED HOLDS
PGLParents get lost
1/4NS0.225% sodium chloride
TYHThank You Hashem
NAHCO3Sodium bicarbonate
CCCCChina Communications Construction Company Ltd.
CTNCertified Traditional Naturopath
FTFFreezer to Fryer
KTSKill themselves
PSAPublic Safety Act
ADIDASa dick is dead after sex
TFWYFSYITFAYNWNSBThat Feeling When Your Friend Slaps You In The Face And Your Nose Will Not Stop Bleeding
AJApple Jews
LLAMA☺️It is an animal from Southern Africa……… (tht's wht people usually say) but my opinion is that maybe llama is obviously an animal tht many people use it (including me) for whom they really love like their besties.
YuDWhy unreasonable Delay?
PLCLPlease Clarify
RwDRespond/Reply with Details
Take ActionTA
DwMDiscuss with Me
DwDDiscuss with Details
TBCTwynholm Baptist Church

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