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DCRAData Collection and Reduction Analysis
QWQIt is not an acronym but internet slang for a sad face. It is mostly used in sub-cutler.
PMKPerson Most Knowledgeable
ACNAAnglican Church of North America
WCYBWill call you back
FYUIFor Your Upfront Information
LYMlove you more
SNSteric Number
%0%0 is an batch variable, example: del %0 if you put it on a batch file then it will delete itself -LK5Y0K
HAGOHeavy Atmospheric Gas Oil
LAGOLight Atmospheric Gas Oil
T2Talked to
CEFACouncil of Exercise Fitness and Athletics
ITASInformation Technology Approval System
SHMOOPit means every other verb
DCOTIt means dance can open tishues
WWGSWhat Would Grandma (or Granddad) Say
K4AA website called "Knowledge4Africa"
S.C.Statutes of Canada
SBspring break
EATCEATC also stands for Electronic Automatic Temperature Control, the name for older Ford/Mercury/Lincoln automobile climate control systems.
DADdrink and drive
MSBMMaster of Science Busines Management

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