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FSQMFree Standing Maths Qualification
OSMCOpen Source Media Center
I2SInter-IC Sound
AEHOIn Brazil, a laugh.
NB3Night Blue
BLTNBetter late than never
QPPS"Quiet Please!" - Photo Service
IDLEIntegrated DeveLopment Environment (or) Integrated Development and Learning Environment
VKVirat Kohli
FACBFederal Air Crash Bureau
BMMMbring me my money
CBBOCelebrity big brother online
GODGenetically Omnipotent deity
BMPBeg My Pardon
GIFLGulf International Finance Limited
INCIMPERIAL-Newton Corporation
JHEJugend-und Heimerzieher
QCEQuality Crude Equivalent
BPCCThe British-Polish Correspondence Club /in polish: Brytyjsko-Polski Klub Korespondencyjny/
LPNLicense plate number
BOPBuick Oldsmobile Pontiac used in the automotive world to describe certain types of GM automobiles
GUCIANAn Individual who studied or is studying at the GUC (German University in Cairo).
P2KPour tous cas
CSSCity Sight Seeing
COQCertificate of Quality

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