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WAVEWork, Attitude, Values, & Enhance
MDDRPa site, www.mddrp.top
BOTbig on top
YET ANOTHER HIERARCHICALLY ORGANIZED ORACLEIt is Yahoo Yet Y Another A Hierarchically H Organized O Oracle O - Yahoo
SFEASkate Fast Eat Ass
ND5Night Diamond 5
MOMCMother of My Children (usually referred to as the result of a divorce)
ENSIEducational Needs Screening Inventory. See ensi.helpmetrics.ca
WEYNWhat Ever You Need
VXKVoxkomm, a Youtube and Facebook channel
BDSNbad deeds shown now
BFOHBudgeted Fixed Overhead
SUHAYBISHSomeone who acts like an idiot or in a stupid way.
RMIReactive Majestical Imperial
COSINUSOIDALHaving a shape of the graph of a cosine function, y = cos x
DA LAT, VIETNAMDelat means - romance
MARINESMuscles are required, intelligence not expected
MHSAAMississippi High School Athletic Association
duo-diodeAn electron tube having two diodes in the same envelope, with either a common cathode or separate cathodes. Also known as double diode.
PMLNPatwari Money Londering Network
GOOGLEGup Shup OF Oriental Grouping League On Entire
MPUMust Pick Up
CADcivil aviation directive
BZLBZL Photography. A photographer than runs off her Ukrainian Initials. Breanna Zhan Lane

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