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BBBBored Beyond Belief    
BBBBusy Beyond Belief    
BBCBarely Believable Content    
BBCBlonde By Choice    
BBCBloody Bad Content    
BBFNBye Bye For Now    
BBI5Be Back In 5 minutes    
BBIABBe Back In A Bit    
BBIAFBe Back In a Few    
BBIAFBe Back In A Flash    
BBIASBe Back In A Second    
BBIAWBe Back In A While    
BBLBailey Blanchard Lawrence    
BBLBe Back Later    
BBL8RBe Back Later    
BBMBoyfriend Being Mean    
BBPBig Beautiful People    
BBRBroken/Burned Beyond Repair    
BBSBe Back Soon    
BBSBulletin board system    
BBSKBest Buds Since Kindergarden    
BBTBe Back Tomorrow    
BBWBig Black Woman    
BBWBig Busted Woman    
BBWCBe Back When Commercial is on    

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