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BGOBlinding Glimpse of the Obvious    
BGRBoy Girl Relationship    
BHBig Handsome    
BH&HBe Healthy and Happy    
BHAKBig Hug And Kiss    
BHAPBe HAPpy    
BHATBanging Head Against Table    
BHDBad Hair Day    
BHMBig Handsome Man    
BIBeyond Incredible    
BIBBaby In Belly    
BIBOBeer In Beer Out    
BICBack In Character    
BIDBack In the Days    
BIDBut I Digress    
BIFFBut I Fell Flat    
BILYBecause I Love You    
BIMPBring In More People    
BIOBring It On    
BIOBun In the Oven    
BIOBy Invitation Only    
BIOYABlow It Out Your Ass    
BIOYIOPBlow It Out Your I/O Port    
BISSBecause I Say So    

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