What does .JS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand .JS:



Java ScriptSoftware
Johann SebastianFamous & Celebs
application/x-javascriptMIME Types
John ScottFamous & Celebs
Joint StaffMilitary
John SmithUnclassified
Jon SpencerFamous & Celebs
Java ScriptsJava
Joe SatrianiUnclassified
Jimmy StewartFamous & Celebs
Joint StereoNews & Media
Jet StreamUnclassified
Joint StudyUnclassified
Java SerializationJava
Jump If SignAssembly
Just SillyUnclassified
Justice StraussFamous & Celebs
Joubert SyndromeNon-Profit Organizations
Job SkillOccupation & Positions
Jump StartingTransportation
Jefferson Smurfit Group, P. L. C.NYSE Symbols
Johnson SistersUnclassified
Joy StickHardware
Just ScaredUnclassified
Jingleheimer SchmidtUnclassified
Join SelectivityUnclassified
Jian SheUnclassified
Join SimilarAssembly
Job ServerUnclassified
James And SteinUnclassified
Jo SchlesserUnclassified
Journal SubscriberJournals
Jennifer ShenFamous & Celebs
Jack ShulmanUnclassified
JavaScript language source code file (script)File Extensions
Jersey SkiffUnclassified
Justin SimonNames and Nicknames
Jaggurnaut SaveUnclassified
Javascript SurprisinglyJava
Javascript SgiJava
Just SayingChat
Junior SchoolSchools
Jack SlocumUnclassified
Jessica SimpsonUnclassified
Jesse asUnclassified
Javascript The StudentsJava
Justine SpringtoneUnclassified
Job SecurityUnclassified
A Jury SequesteringUnclassified
Just StylinUnclassified
Jameson SourUnclassified
Java ServerlessJava
JavaScript SourceUnclassified
JavaScript the scriptingUnclassified
Jesus SheepUnclassified
Job SatisfactionUnclassified
Job SearchUnclassified
Job SyndromeSyndromes
Joe SchmoeNames and Nicknames
John SinnockUnclassified
Joshi ShogakuseiUnclassified
Journal SentinelJournals
Journal StandardJournals
Jungle StonesUnclassified
Jury SelectionUnclassified
Just ServiceUnclassified
Just ShhhhUnclassified
Jerome SqualorUnclassified
Jive SoftwareSoftware
Jonathon SwiftUnclassified
Just StopChat
The Joint StaffMilitary

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