What does .SRC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand .SRC:



Source Code FileFile Extensions
Student Representative CouncilEducational
Semiconductor Research CorporationElectronics
Syracuse Research CorporationCompanies & Firms
Sample Rate ConversionElectronics
System Resource ControllerHardware
application/x-wais-sourceMIME Types
Scientific Review CommitteeUS Government
Summer Reading ClubEducational
Sample Rate ConverterUnclassified
State Records CenterState & Local
Submarine Rescue ChamberMilitary
State Regulatory CommissionState & Local
Surname Resource CentreCommunity
Salary Review CommitteeGeneral Business
Strasburg Railroad CompanyRailroads
State Resource ConservationistOccupation & Positions
School Representative CouncilCouncil
Steve Rifkind CompanyCompanies & Firms
Scott Richard CaseUnclassified
Scientific Research ComputingCompanies & Firms
Standard Rolling ConditionsMilitary
Sunnybank Rugby ClubRugby
Software Requirements CommitteeNASA
Stimulus, Response, and ConsequencePhysiology
Sperry Research Center, Sudbury, MassachusettsCompanies & Firms
Sulphate-Resisting CementProducts
Survey Research CenterResearch
Scot Richard CaseUnclassified
Student Research CompetitionStudents
Se Ruega ContestaciĆ³nUnclassified
Royal Society of CanadaSocieties
Source Requirement CodeMilitary
Service Reception CenterMilitary
Specular Reflection ControlUnclassified
Sample Return ContainerNASA
Scholastic Reading CountsUnclassified
Scientific Research CorporationResearch
Secret Rabbit CodeUnclassified
Sheriffs Radio CenterUnclassified
State Recording CoUnclassified
Synchrotron Radiation CenterUnclassified
State Rehabilitation CouncilCouncil
School Reform CommissionSchools
Spirit Realty CapitalUnclassified
Student Resource CenterStudents
Sustainable Resources CenterUnclassified
Sampling Rate ConverterUnclassified
School Report CardSchools
School Report CardsSchools
Scientific Research CommitteeCommittees
Scientific Research CouncilCouncil
Scleroderma Renal CrisisUnclassified
Seattle Residential CodeResidential
Secure Remote CommerceCommerce
Self Reference CriterionUnclassified
Sharps Rifle CompanyCompanies & Firms
Simple Revision ControlUnclassified
Skybridge Resource CenterUnclassified
Spoon River CollegeColleges
State Rated CapacityUnclassified
Stormwater Retention CreditUnclassified
Student Recreation CenterStudents
Study Remediation CollaborationUnclassified
Sustainable Resource CenterUnclassified
All are are first of the names involved in the transport companyMiscellaneous
LogudoreseLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Royal Society of Chemistry (Belgium)Societies
Sample Return CanisterNASA
Sandals Royal CaribbeanTravel & Tourism
Security Risk CategoryMilitary
Shared Research CenterCompanies & Firms
Short Range Component; Standard Requirements CodeMilitary
Short Rotation CoppiceFarming & Agriculture
Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) Response CellMilitary
Slow Readers ClubMusic
Société Royale de ChimieSocieties
Société royale du CanadaSocieties
Solutions Research CenterMarketing
Standard Requirements CodeMilitary
Store Receipt CertificateCertifications & Diplomas
Strasburg Rail RoadRailroads
Students Representative CouncilUniversities
Students' Representative CouncilGhana
Survival Recovery CenterMilitary

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