What does .STP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand .STP:



Stone Temple PilotsScience Fiction
Spanning Tree ProtocolNetworking
Straight Through ProcessingStock Exchange
Shielded Twisted PairTelecom
Surface Transportation ProgramTransportation
Standard Temperature and PressureChemistry
Software Test PlanMilitary
Signal Transfer PointTelecom
Seattle To PortlandTransportation
Software Technology ParkCompanies & Firms
Science and Technology PolicyOcean Science
Short Term PlanGeneral Business
Secretaría Técnica de PlanificaciónSpanish
Secret Tweaker PadHardware
Swords To PlowsharesNon-Profit Organizations
application/STEPMIME Types
Scientifically Treated PetroleumCompanies & Firms
Short Term ProjectMilitary
Sailing To PhiladelphiaTransportation
Stop The PressesNews & Media
Society of Toxicologic PathologyProfessional Organizations
Special Tactics ProtocolMilitary
Summer Training ProgramEducational
Stones Touring PartyMusic
Specialty Technical PublishersCompanies & Firms
See The PeopleChat
Street Trail ParkCommunity
Same Ten PeopleGeneral Business
Strategic Technology PlanningGeneral Business
Serenity, Tranquility, and PeaceCommunity
Sanctae Theologiae ProfessorUniversities
Soft Tail Pro bicycleCycling
Summer Teaching ProgramSchools
Segmenting, Targeting, and PositioningMilitary
ISO-10303 STEP product dataFile Extensions
Service Transformation ProjectMilitary
Small Team ProjectGeneral Business
Straight To PaperGeneral Computing
Solar Terrestrial Probes programNASA
Sulfate Transport ProteinPhysiology
Symmetrix Transport ProtocolUnclassified
Stop Teasing PolocksFunnies
Scenario Tables PoolSports
Stainless Tubular ProductsCompanies & Firms
Stick Theme ParkCommunity
S'il te plait = PleaseFrench
S'il te plait - PleaseFrench
Stomp The PetroleumFunnies
Somos Todos PrimosUnclassified
Self Test ProblemEducational
Stock Trade PlatformStock Exchange
Stuffing The PipeLaw & Legal
Student Top PerformanceUniversities
Silver Top PossePolice
Sierra Trading PostCompanies & Firms
Smothers, Tackles, PunchesSports
Sugar Topped PastryFood & Nutrition
Standard Temperature and PulsePhysiology
Society for the Teaching of PsychologyProfessional Organizations
Stupid Tubby PrincipalFunnies
Statistical and Thermal PhysicsUniversities
Study, Teach, PrayReligion
South Texas Pinto RanchFarming & Agriculture
Simplified Technical ProposalGeneral Business
Society of Turnaround ProfessionalsAccounting
Sandberg Translation PartnersCompanies & Firms
Specialized Targeted PositioningGeneral Business
Space Technology PayloadNASA
Segmentation Targeting and PositioningUnclassified
Serenity Tranquillity and PeaceUnclassified
Seth Thomas PietrasUnclassified
Sexually Transmitted PhosphatesPhysiology
Spare Time ParishionersUnclassified
Stop Teasing PollocksFunnies
Student technology programmeStudents
Small Time PartnerUnclassified
Society of Toxicologic PathologistsSocieties
Standard Temperature PressureUnclassified
S for Transformation PlanUnclassified
Scientist Training ProgrammeUnclassified
Segmenting Targeting and PositioningUnclassified
Servicios Tecnicos PortuariosUnclassified
Sessional Teaching PayrollUnclassified
Set Transmission PowerUnclassified
Signaling Transfer PointUnclassified
Signalling Transfer PointUnclassified
Significantly Taller PeopleUnclassified
Simple Theorem ProverUnclassified
Singapore Tourist PassTravel & Tourism
Single Touch PayrollUnclassified
Solar Terrestrial PhysicsPhysics
Solar Terrestrial ProbesUnclassified
South Texas ProjectUnclassified
Spaning Tree ProtocolUnclassified
Specialist Training ProgramUnclassified
Specialized Training ProgrammeUnclassified
Specialized Transition ProgramUnclassified
Sport Target PistolSports
Standard Tokenization ProtocolUnclassified
Standerd Temperature and PressureUnclassified
Statewide Transition PlanUnclassified
Straight to PocketUnclassified
Sumgait Technologies ParkParks & Recreation
Summer Treatment ProgramUnclassified
Supervisory Training ProgramUnclassified
Sustainability and Transformation PartnershipUnclassified
Sustainability and Transformation PlansUnclassified
Sustainable Transportation ProfessionalTransportation
Swiss Technology ProductionTechnology
Symmetrix Trends of PerformanceUnclassified
Systematic Transfer PlansUnclassified
S'il Te PlaitFrench
Same Time PostChat
Sao Tome e PrincipeCountries
Saving The PlanetAcademic & Science
Seattle Tunnel PartnersCompanies & Firms
Security Technical ProcedureMilitary
Self-Test ProgramNASA
Server Time ProtocolNetworking
Sewage Treatment PlantState & Local
Ship To PartyGeneral Business
Short Term PlasticityPhysiology
Short-Term PotentiationLaboratory
Short-Term ProgramHospitals
Shot To PiecesChat
Shuttle Technology PanelNASA
Situation Target ProposalManufacturing
Sodium ThioPentalPrescription
Software Test ProfessionalsCompanies & Firms
Sold To PartyGeneral Business
Southern Pacific Resource CorporationToronto Stock Exchange
Space Test ProgramNASA
Space Time ProductPhysics
Special Treatment ProgramHospitals
Speed Test ProSoftware
Sterihealth, LTD.ASX Symbols
Stop The PainHospitals
Studebaker Tested ProductProducts
Stupid Trump PresidencyUS Government
Submerged Turbine PumpAcademic & Science
Submersible Turbine PumpProducts
Suntech Power Holdings Company, LTD.NYSE Symbols
Superficial ThromboPhlebitisPhysiology
Sustainability and Transformation PartnershipsBritish Medicine
Sustainability and Transformation PlanBritish Medicine
System Test PlanNASA

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