What does A.T.S stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand A.T.S:



Austrian SchillingCurrencies
Against The SpreadSports
Air Traffic ServicesMilitary
Above Top SecretUnclassified
Applicant Tracking SystemUniversities
American Thoracic SocietySocieties
Automatic Transfer SwitchTelecom
Alternative Trading SystemStock Exchange
Angel The SeriesNews & Media
Australian Technology ShowcaseGeneral Business
Automation Tooling SystemsUnclassified
Automatic Transfer ServiceStock Exchange
Auxiliary Territorial ServiceMilitary
American Tribal StyleFood & Nutrition
American Tarantula SocietyVeterinary
Automatic Test SystemUnclassified
Apple Type ServicesSoftware
Automated Trading SystemGeneral Business
A P T Satellite Holdings, LTD.NYSE Symbols
American Travel SurveyTransportation
Automatic Train SupervisionTransportation
Aviation Technical ServicesTransportation
Application Technology SatelliteOcean Science
All Together SeparateManufacturing
Analytic Trouble ShootingLaw & Legal
Advanced Turbo SystemsCompanies & Firms
Absolute Time SequenceElectronics
Asynchronous Time SharingNetworking
Automate The SchoolsPolitics
Anti-Theft SystemProducts
Angry Tradewind SurvivalMeteorology
American Teaching SystemSchools
Automatic Transfer SystemUnclassified
Annual Training SiteMilitary
Across The ScopeMilitary
Advanced Tracking SensorMilitary
Air Tool ServiceUnclassified
Advanced Transportation SystemTransportation
Anxiety tension statePhysiology
Adaptive Threshold SensingOcean Science
Advance Training SystemEducational
Alternate Training SolutionsEducational
Alternative To SmokingCommunity
At Title ScreenAssembly
Amalgamated Taxi ServicesCompanies & Firms
Aggravate The SecretariesGeneral Business
Airborne Tactical SIGINT (SIGnals INTelligence)Military
Air Tools StoreGeneral Business
Automatic Transfer SavingsBanking
Ashmore Technical ServicesUnclassified
Advanced Teletext SystemUnclassified
Almost Time SymmetricPhysics
Adolescent Thoughtless SUnclassified
Acquired Tool SyndromeFunnies
Alenco Tool Supply, Chicago, IllinoisCompanies & Firms
Austen Tennis SuperiorityTennis
All Terrain ScootingUnclassified
Advanced Tide SystemOcean Science
American Truck SimulatorUnclassified
Approved Teacher StatusEducational
Available to ShipUnclassified
Air Turbine StarterAircraft & Aviation
Aidan The StalkerPolice
Academic Talent SearchAcademic & Science
Adjustable Threadless SystemUnclassified
American Technion SocietySocieties
American Trauma SocietySocieties
Airport Terminal ServicesAircraft & Aviation
American Tract SocietySocieties
American Traffic SolutionsUnclassified
Autism Training SolutionsAutism
Atomic Test and SetUnclassified
Advanced Trustee StrategiesUnclassified
Association Technology SolutionsTechnology
Auburn Tru SoldiersUnclassified
Advanced Technology ServicesTechnology
Advertising Technical SupportAdvertising
Agreement to ServeUnclassified
Association of Theological SchoolsAssociations
Avoiding Talented SeekersUnclassified
A Total SurpriseUnclassified
Active Traction ServiceUnclassified
Advanced Thermal SolutionsUnclassified
Advanced Torque StabilityUnclassified
Air Textured SoftUnclassified
Always Teach SteeringUnclassified
Anderson Trucking ServiceUnclassified
Annals of Thoracic SurgerySurgical
Antarctic Treaty SystemUnclassified
Anti-Terrorist SquadMilitary
App Transport SecurityUnclassified
Applied Technology SolutionsTechnology
Austin Tele ServicesCompanies & Firms
Automated Technical SystemsUnclassified
Automated Telecomunication SystemsUnclassified
Automatic Total StationUnclassified
Average Transaction SizeUnclassified
A Thousand SunsMusic
Air Traffic ServiceMilitary
Airport Transit SystemTransportation
Applied Technologies StaffFDA
Artemis AlphaLondon Stock Exchange
Asian Test SymposiumConferences
Assign Terminal ServiceMilitary
Auto-Thrust SystemAircraft & Aviation
Automatic Train StopTransportation
Salvage Tug (Auxiliary, Tug, Salvage)Shipping & Sailing

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