What does AAIM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AAIM:



Asian American Independent MediaNews & Media
Algorithmic Aspects in Information and ManagementManagement
Alliance Against Intoxicated MotoristsAlliances
Alliance for Academic Internal MedicineMedical
American Assets Investment ManagementManagement
American Academy of Insurance MedicineMedical
Aerospace and Aviation in ManitobaAircraft & Aviation
Arkansas Association of Instructional MediaNews & Media
American Association of Integrative MedicineMedical
Academically Accelerated Individualized ModelUnclassified
American Association of Industrialized ManufacturersAssociations
American Association of Internet MediaInternet
Active Asset Investment ManagementManagement
Adaptive Application Infrastructure ManagementManagement
African American Initiative for MenAfrican
Aircraft Autonomous Integrity MonitoringAircraft & Aviation
Alliance of Academic Internal MedicineAlliances
American Assn of Independent MusicMusic
American Association of Independent MusicMusic
American Association of Industrial ManagementManagement
Asian American Intercultural MinistryAsian

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