What does ABATE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ABATE:



A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian EnactmentsPolitics
American Bikers Aimed Towards EducationEducational
Alaska Bikers Advocating Training And EducationCycling
American Bikers Aiming Towards EducationHobbies
American Brotherhood Aimed Towards EducationUniversities
American Bikers for Awareness, Training, and EducationCycling
Arkansas Bikers Aiming Toward EducationEducational
Always Bring Alcohol To EventsFunnies
American Bikers Aimed Toward EducationEducational
A Brotherhood Aimed Towards EducationEducational
American Bikers Aiming Toward EducationEducational
American Bikers for Awareness Training and EducationEducational
American Bikers for Awareness Training EducationEducational
Association of Businesses Advocating Tariff EquityAssociations

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