What does ABC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ABC:



Australian Broadcasting CorporationNews & Media
ATP Binding CassettePhysiology
Activity Based CostingGeneral Business
Alcoholic Beverage ControlLaw & Legal
A Better ChanceReligion
American Broadcasting CompanyCompanies & Firms
Another Bittorrent ClientFunnies
Audit Bureau Of CirculationsNews & Media
American Broadcasting CompaniesNews & Media
Abstract Base ClassGeneral Computing
Active Body ControlNASA
Advanced Breast CancerOncology
AirBorne CorpsMilitary
American Born ChineseCommunity
Audit Bureau Of CirculationNews & Media
Alcohol Beverage ControlLaw & Legal
Atanasoff Berry ComputerHardware
American Bowling CongressBowling
Always Be ClosingGeneral Business
American Bird ConservancyNon-Profit Organizations
AmerisourceBergen CorporationNYSE Symbols
Acceptable Behaviour ContractPolice
Australian Broadcasting CompanyNews & Media
Airway Breathing And CirculationPhysiology
Anything But ChardonnayFood & Nutrition
Agricultural Biotechnology CenterVeterinary
Airway Breathing CirculationPhysiology
Always Be CarefulLaw & Legal
Already Been ChewedFunnies
Activated B CellOncology
Agape Book ClubReligion
A Better CompanyGeneral Business
Always Be CoolFunnies
American Brilliant CutProducts
Associated British CinemasNews & Media
Associated British CorporationCompanies & Firms
Air Batu CampurCompanies & Firms
Automatic Brightness ControlHardware
Atlantic Baptist CollegeColleges
Automated Blood CollectionPhysiology
Aruba, Bonaire, And CuracaoCountries
Aspiration, Biopsy, CytologyPhysiology
Association of Boxing CommissionsBoxing
Asian Brown CloudMilitary
Army Battle CommandMilitary
Anybody But CarolinaSports
Antibody Binding CapacityLaboratory
Already Been CancelledFunnies
Alphabetically Based ComputerizedDatabases
Aluminum Brass ChromeTransportation
A Big ClueLaw & Legal
Already Been ConvertedFunnies
Anybody But ClintonPolitics
American Bibliographical CenterLibraries
Absolute Best ChewyFood & Nutrition
American, British, and CanadianMilitary
Australian Broadcasting CommissionNews & Media
All Blocks CoveredMilitary
Always Bring CashGeneral Business
Attitude Behavior ConsistencyEducational
American Beauty CenterCompanies & Firms
Another Bad ChoiceFunnies
A Business CommitmentGeneral Business
Across Breed ComparisonHuman Genome
Attentional Behavioral CognitiveEducational
Anti-social Behaviour ContractPolice
Another Book ClubFunnies
A Bunch of CommunistsUnited Nations
Alabama Beverage ControlState & Local
Approximate Bootstrap ConfidenceGeneral Computing
Agility, Balance, and CoordinationSports
All Bout ChildrenCommunity
Automatic Background CalibrationElectronics
Abstinence Behavioral ChangePhysiology
Asociación de Beneficiencia CristianaGuatemalan
Airway Breathing ColdPhysiology
Always Breastfeed ChildrenPhysiology
Atomic, Biological, ChemicalMilitary
Absolute Brain ControlPhysiology
Anything But ChaosFunnies
Antecedent, Behavior, ConsequencesMathematics
Adults, Babies, And ChildrenCommunity
Advanced Blade ConceptMilitary
Allocation, Budget, and ContractGeneral Business
Anti Bullying CommitteeEducational
Antwerp Book CapitalCompanies & Firms
Appropriate Business CasualGeneral Business
Asociación Benéfica CabañecaGuatemalan
Action For Better CitiesCommunity
Allevatori Bufalini CasertaniCompanies & Firms
Adult Bible CommunityReligion
The Almost Broadcasting CompanyFunnies
Altek Bar CodeProducts
ABC FlowCharter DocumentFile Extensions
Academics Business And CommunityUniversities
Musical notation language fileFile Extensions
A Board CommittedGeneral Business
ABC programming language General filename extensionFile Extensions
Adaptive Behavior CenterLaboratory
Arts, Business, and CommunityCommunity
Applesauce, Bran, and CinnamonFood & Nutrition
Arels Business CharterCompanies & Firms
Alexander Berkman CollectiveCompanies & Firms
Anchorage Basic CurriculumUniversities
Apples, Bananas, And CarrotsFood & Nutrition
Accountability Basics and ControlAccounting
Arts Based ChurchReligion
Absolutely Boring ComedyFunnies
Absolute Best ChannelFunnies
Anything But CompetenceFunnies
All Beer CleaningFood & Nutrition
Access Beauty And CharacterNews & Media
Air Brakes And ChainRailroads
Always Burn ColoradoFunnies
Analyze, Bill, and ControlAccounting
All Bout CancellationsFunnies
Answers Books And CoffeeCommunity
A Boring ChannelFunnies
Analyze Bill and Control himFunnies
Air Brake ConvertedTransportation
American Bible ChannelReligion
Another Blowout ComingSports
Anything But ChevysFunnies
Americas Bin CollapsedFunnies
Actions Benefit ChildrenCommunity
A Batavus CommuterCommunity
Alpha Beta CameraCompanies & Firms
Attorneys, Bankers, and CPAsLaw & Legal
A Bored CapitalistFunnies
Abba Bestiality And CrimeLaw & Legal
Alumni Of Bluffton CollegeAlumni
About Bethlehem CentersReligion
Anti-social Behavior ContractSchools
About Basic CompositionUniversities
All Believe ConfessReligion
Alcohol, Beer, CigarettesCommunity
Accountability Baseball And CommunityCommunity
Adventure, Balance, and ChallengeHiking
Always Be Canceling my favorite showsNews & Media
Always Blundering ConspicuouslyLaw & Legal
Analysis, Building, and CleaningGeneral Business
A Brand Of CommitmentsGeneral Business
Antidiluvian Broadcasting CompanyFunnies
Academics Behavior CommunityConferences
Alertness Brevity CompletenessLaw & Legal
AOUTEROA Board CompanyCompanies & Firms
Appreciate Benefit And ClaimGeneral Business
Abysmal Brain CapacityFunnies
Agro Business CorporationCompanies & Firms
Application Browser CompatabilityGeneral Computing
Agricultural Bank of ChinaBanking
Anything But ClothesClothes
Absolutely Beastly CropFarming & Agriculture
American Botanical CouncilBotany
Answers Books And ChildrenEducational
Appalachian Bible CollegeColleges
Aborigional Butt CleanerUnclassified
Always Be CreativeLanguage & Literature
American Bathroom CleanerFunnies
Association to Benefit ChildrenAssociations
Brazilian Academy of SciencesSocieties
Associated Builders and ContractorsContractors
Amateur Boxing ClubBoxing
A Bloggers ConferenceBlogs
Abstract Base ClassesUnclassified
Approximate Bayesian ComputationUnclassified
Active Breathing CoordinatorHospitals
Afghan Beijing CorpsProfessional Organizations
Always Be ConsistentUnclassified
Adversity Beliefs ConsequencesUnclassified
Always Be ClassyUnclassified
Always Being CoolerUnclassified
American broadcasting centerUnclassified
American Broadcasting CorporationCompanies & Firms
Attitude, Behavior, ConsistancyLaw & Legal
Austrailian Broadcasting CoporationUnclassified
Academics Baseball CitizenshipUniversities
All Bad ConmenLaw & Legal
American Board for CertificationCertifications & Diplomas
Aruba Bonaire CuraçaoUnclassified
Association of Bridal ConsultantsAssociations
Acceleration Business CityBusiness
Accurate Businesslike CompetitiveUnclassified
Agility Balance and CoordinationUnclassified
All Bout ClintonUnclassified
All BullCrap CBSUnclassified
Always Be CuttingUnclassified
American Broadcast CompanyCompanies & Firms
Anglo Belgian CorporationCompanies & Firms
Antecedent Behavior ConsequentUnclassified
Anti Ball CrushingUnclassified
Asset Building ChampionsUnclassified
Axila Breast CervicalUnclassified
Abcam, P.L.C.London Stock Exchange
Aberrant Behaviour ChecklistBritish Medicine
Absolute Blast CountBritish Medicine
Absolute Bone ConductionBritish Medicine
Academia Brasileira de CiênciasSocieties
Acalculous Biliary ColicBritish Medicine
Accelerated Bridge ConstructionEngineering
Acid-Based ControlBritish Medicine
Acorn Business ComputerCompanies & Firms
ActionScript BytecodeTechnology
Addressing Behabiors of ConcernCommunity
Adelaide Brighton LTD.ASX Symbols
Adventist Book CenterCompanies & Firms
Airway, Breathing and CirculationBritish Medicine
Alberta Building CodeLegislation
Alternative Birth CentreBritish Medicine
Always Be CollectiveHobbies
Amazingly Boorish CompanyFunnies
America's Blood CentersFDA
American Blood CommissionFDA
Americans Broadcasting CommunismUnclassified
Aneurysmal Bone CystBritish Medicine
Antibody-Binding CapacityBritish Medicine
Anyone But CollingwoodFootball
Anything But ConservativeUnclassified
Apnoea, Bradycardia, CyanosisBritish Medicine
Asia Bio-Chem Group CorporationToronto Stock Exchange
Aspiration biopsy cytologyMedical
Association du Barreau CanadienSocieties
Association for Business CommunicationNon-Profit Organizations
ATP-binding cassette transporterBritish Medicine
Attitude Behaviour CommunicationAnthropology
Audio Bus CouplerNASA
Aviation Boatswain's Mate Chief Petty OfficerNavy
avidin-biotin complex immunoperoxidaseBritish Medicine
axiobuccocervical DentistryBritish Medicine
Canadian Bar AssociationSocieties
Always Believe in ChristReligion

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