What does ABP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ABP:



Arterial Blood PressurePhysiology
Abraxas Petroleum CorporationNYSE Symbols
Actin Bundling ProteinLaboratory
Aegean Blue PearlGeology
Already Been PostedChat
Agricultural By ProductFarming & Agriculture
Abductor Pollis BrevisPhysiology
Active Back PanelNetworking
AdBlock PlusCyber & Security
Always Be PaddlingUnclassified
Athlete Biological PassportBiology
Alternate Benefit ProgramUnclassified
Associated British PortsBritish
Ananda Bazar PatrikaUnclassified
Alternative Break ProgramUnclassified
Akil Bhartiya PartyUnclassified
Annual Business PlanGeneral Business
Associação Brasileira de PsicanáliseSocieties
Brazilian Assocation of PsychiatrySocieties
Able Bodied PassengerTransportation
Association of Black PhotographersPhotography & Imaging
Au Bon PunkUnclassified
Amortizable Bond PremiumUnclassified
Active Braking PivotUnclassified
Automated Business PowerBusiness
Associated Baptist PressNews & Media
Association of Black PsychologistsAssociations
A Ballbusting PriceUnclassified
Able Bodied PersonUnclassified
Academic Bridge ProgramAcademic & Science
Accelerated Bridge ProgramUnclassified
Accepted Bills for PaymentUnclassified
Actin Binding ProteinUnclassified
Address Book ProviderUnclassified
Adjustable Block ProgramUnclassified
Adoption Breeding and PetFoster & Adoption
Advanced Braking PivotUnclassified
Advanced Business ParkParks & Recreation
Afghan Border PolicePolice
Africa Business PortalBusiness
Alexandru Bogdan PitestiUnclassified
All Bills PaidUnclassified
Alternative Benefit PlanUnclassified
Alternative Breaks ProgramUnclassified
Anand Bazaar PatrikaUnclassified
Anti Business PartyBusiness
Ashley Brook PerrymanUnclassified
Association de Biologie PraticienneAssociations
Association for Business PscyhologyAssociations
Austin Bouldering ProjectUnclassified
Authentication By PersonalisationUnclassified
Auto Body PanelsUnclassified
Abacus Property GroupASX Symbols
Achyranthes bidentata polysaccharidesBritish Medicine
Actin-Binding ProteinBritish Medicine
Acute Bacterial ProstatitisBritish Medicine
Acute Biliary PancreatitisBritish Medicine
Adriamycin (doxorubicin), bleomycin, prednisone (ABP)British Medicine
Adriamycin, Bleomycin, PrednisoneBritish Medicine
After Bar PartyCommunity
Air Battle PlanAir Force
Albumin Binding ProteinBritish Medicine
Ambulatory Blood PressureBritish Medicine
American Board of PaediatricsProfessional Organizations
American Board of PathologyBritish Medicine
American Board of PediatricsBritish Medicine
American Board of Pedodontics (obsolete)British Medicine
American Board of PeriodontologyBritish Medicine
American Board of ProsthodonticsBritish Medicine
American Board of PsychotherapyBritish Medicine
American Brilliant PeriodProducts
AMPA receptor binding proteinBritish Medicine
Amway Business ProductsBusiness
Amyloid Beta ProteinBritish Medicine
Anandabazar PatrikaNews & Media
Anastomotic Bursting PressureBritish Medicine
Androgen Binding ProteinBritish Medicine
antibiotic prophylaxisBritish Medicine
Antigen-Binding ProteinBritish Medicine
Artemis Black's PriceHobbies
Associação Brasileira de PsiquiatriaSocieties
Au Bon PainCompanies & Firms
Avidin-Biotin PeroxidaseBritish Medicine
Brazilian Psychoanalysis AssociationSocieties

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