What does ACDL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ACDL:



Army Commercial Driver's LicenseMilitary
Arizona Center for Disability LawLaw & Legal
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlich Demokratischer LehrerUnclassified
Accreditation Council for Distance LearningCouncil
Advanced Computational Design LaboratoryLaboratory
Aerospace Computational Design LaboratoryLaboratory
Airport Concessions and Development LimitedDevelopment
Anglo Caribbean Domino LeagueUnclassified
Ashtabula County District LibraryLibraries
Asian Coast Development LtdAsian
Association for Constitutional Democracy in LiberiaAssociations
Association of Criminal Defense LawyersAssociations
Asynchronous Circuit Design LanguageLanguage & Literature
Au Coeur Du LuxeUnclassified
Australian Centre for Disability LawAustralian
Automatic Compact Dictionary LearningEducational

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