What does ACIS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ACIS:



Advanced CCD Imaging SpectrometerHardware
Automated Cellular Imaging SystemHospitals
Automotive Competitiveness And Investment SchemeGeneral Business
Advance Cargo Information SystemTransportation
Automated Customs Information ServiceUS Government
American Council for International StudiesUniversities
Association for Contemporary Iberian StudiesNon-Profit Organizations
Academic Contributor Information SystemUniversities
Access Control Interlock SystemNetworking
Army Command Information SystemMilitary
Automated Combat Information SystemMilitary
Algoma Central Railway IncorporatedRailroads
Adult Correctional Information SystemLaw & Legal
Automated Criminal Infraction SystemLaw & Legal
Allianz Cornhill Information SystemsCompanies & Firms
Adolescent Conduct Intervention ServicesCommunity
Army Combat Identification SystemMilitary
Alliance for Creative Inevitable SolutionsUniversities
Andy Charles Ians System solid modelling geometric engineTelecom
Associate in the Chartered Institute of SecretariesOccupation & Positions
Assessment of Communication and Interaction SkillsMedical
American Collegiate Intramural SportsSports
Automated Criminal Infractions SystemLaw & Legal
Accoustically Controlled Induction SystemUnclassified
Acoustic Control Induction SystemUnclassified
Acquired Cellular Induration SyndromeSyndromes
Adult Community Integration ServicesCommunity
Agency Credit Insurance StructureInsurance
Air Cushion Impact SystemUnclassified
Alan Charles Ian sUnclassified
American Conference for Irish StudiesConferences
American Council of International StudiesCouncil
Andy Charles and Ian sUnclassified
Applied Climate Information SystemClimate
Association for Computer and Information ScienceAssociations
Association of Colorado Independent SchoolsSchools
Australasian Colloid and Interface SocietySocieties
Australasian Conferences on Information SystemsConferences
Automate case implementation systemUnclassified
Algoma Central RailwayRailroads
Asociación Colombiana de Ingenieros de SistemasSocieties
Associate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and AdministratorsAccounting
Colombian Association of Systems EngineersSocieties

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