What does ACLU stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ACLU:



American Civil Liberties UnionNews & Media
American Communist Lawyers UnionFunnies
Anti Christian Liberal UnionFunnies
Australian Civil Liberties UnionAustralian
All Criminals Love UsFunnies
Anti-Christian Lawyers UnionFunnies
Atlantic Container Line LimitedRailroads
Anti-Christian Liberals UnionFunnies
Anything Christian Looks UnlawfulFunnies
Anti Christian Lawyers UnitedHobbies
American Communists And Liberals UnitedFunnies
American Crybabies League UnionFunnies
Anti Christ Lovers UnlimitedFunnies
Americans Cannot Learn UnityFunnies
Anti Christian License UnionFunnies
Anti-Conservative Liberal UnionFunnies
Anti-Christians Liberation UnionFunnies
Anti Christ Lecherous UnforgivenReligion
Animals Can Love and UnderstandNon-Profit Organizations
All Crazy Lunatics UniteCommunity
All Communists Love Us
Anti-Christ Leftist UnionFunnies
Atheists, Communists, And Liberals UnitedUS Government
Anti Christian Lifestyle UnionHobbies
All Communist Loonies UnitedFunnies
Atheists Communist And Lawyers UnitedCompanies & Firms
Atheist Communists Liberating UngodlinessFunnies
Anti Christian League of UpchucksFunnies
Atheists Community Leaders UniteFunnies
Anti-Constitution Liars UnionFunnies
American Communist Legal UnionUnions
A Clump Of Losers UnitedFunnies
Arizona Cowboy Life UnderwritersUnclassified
Atlantic Container LineRailroads
Aberrant, Calculating, Litigious, UnderbredFunnies
All Crazy Liberals UnitedFunnies
American College of Life UnderwritersColleges
American Conservative Lawyers UnionUnions
Atheist Civil Liberties UnionUnions
Atheists Controlled Liberal UnionFunnies
American Criminal Liberties UnionFunnies
A Commie Liberal UnionFunnies
Allow Criminals Loose UnpunishedFunnies
Anti-Christ Liberties UnionFunnies
Anti-Christian Liberty UnionFunnies
Anti-Christian Litigation UnitFunnies
Anti-Christian Lovers UnionFunnies
Arab Countries Lie UniversallyFunnies
Association for Coarsening Life UtterlyFunnies

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