What does ACRP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ACRP:



Association of Clinical Research ProfessionalsNon-Profit Organizations
Airport Cooperative Research ProgramMilitary
Association Canadienne des Restaurateurs ProfessionnelsProfessional Organizations
Archive of Census Related ProductsUS Government
American Curl Rescue ProjectSports
Adolescent Crisis Response ProgramState & Local
Atmospheric Composition Research ProgramMeteorology
Automated Contact Resistance ProbeSoftware
Automatic Contact Resistance ProbeElectronics
Audit Compliance Risk and PrivacyAuditing
Academic Computer Refresh ProgramComputing
Alliance of Career Resource ProfessionalsAlliances
Alternative Community Resource ProgramCommunity
Anchorage Coordinated Resources ProjectUnclassified
Assoc of Clinical Research ProfessionalsResearch
Association of Christian Religious PractitionersAssociations
Association of Crane and Rigging ProfessionalsAssociations
Acquisition Career Record ProfileMilitary
Alexander County Republican PartyPolitics
Association of Clinical Research Professionals, formerly Associates in Clinical PharmacologyBritish Medicine
Australian Cancer Research ProgramOncology

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