What does ACW stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ACW:



American Civil WarUS Government
Anglican Church WomenReligion
After Call WorkGeneral Business
Advanced Computer WatchProducts
Alternative Championship WrestlingWrestling
Air Commando WingAir Force
Aircraft Control and WarningAir Force
American Creosote WorksCompanies & Firms
Air Coupled WooferProducts
Albany Championship WrestlingWrestling
Advanced Cosmetology WorkshopUniversities
ATM Cash WithdrawalAccounting
Ace Championship WrestlingWrestling
Air Combat WarfareMilitary
Absolute Carnage WrestlingWrestling
Area Clearance WeaponMilitary
Alliance for Computers and WritingLanguage & Literature
A Christian WitnessReligion
Association of Career WrestlersCareer
American Cord and WebbingUnclassified
Advertising Club of WestchesterAdvertising
Anti Clock WiseUnclassified
American Christian WritersReligion
Adreneline Championship WrestlingWrestling
All Cosmetics WholesaleUnclassified
Arts Council of WalesCouncil
Approval to Commence WorkGeneral Business
Air Control WingUnclassified
Anglican Church WorkersChurches
Atomic Championship WrestlingWrestling
A Cold WallUnclassified
A Common WordUnclassified
ABB Customer WorldUnclassified
Academic Coaching and WritingAcademic & Science
Active Content WizardUnclassified
Actual Captures WorksheetUnclassified
Air Culinaire WorldwideUnclassified
Aircraft Control WarningAircraft & Aviation
Akamine Christman and WallUnclassified
Alcoholism Center for WomenUnclassified
Algemeen ChristelijkUnclassified
Algemeen Christelijk WerkersverbondUnclassified
Alternative Careers and WellbeingCareer
Always Consistent WithUnclassified
American Clay WorksUnclassified
American Combat WrestlingWrestling
Anarchy Championship WrestlingWrestling
Anti Crash WeaponMilitary
Apollo Championship WrestlingWrestling
Aries Computer WarehouseComputing
Auxiliary Cooling WaterUnclassified
Auxillary Cooling WaterUnclassified
Actinogen LtdASX Symbols
Advanced Conventional WeaponMilitary
Always Championship WrestlingWrestling

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