What does ADDT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ADDT:



American Dance/ Drill TeamPerforming Arts
Accelerated destructive degradation testsUnclassified
Advance Data Driven TestingUnclassified
Advanced Data Driven TestingUnclassified
ASSAY and Drug Development TechnologiesDevelopment
AIDS Discovery and Development of TherapeuticsDevelopment
American Dance/Drill TeamUnclassified
Associação Dança Desportiva TremezUnclassified
Adult Development Day TreatmentDevelopment
Active Directory Domains and TrustsUnclassified
Adult Developmental Day TreatmentUnclassified
AIDS Discovery and Development ofDevelopment
Auto Discovery and Deployment ToolUnclassified
Advance Data Driven TechniqueSoftware
Advanced Data-Driven TestingSoftware
Automatic Data Distribution ToolSoftware

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