What does ADFT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ADFT:



Artillery Direct Fire TrainerMilitary
Almost Definitive Financial ToolboxSoftware
Adaptive Discrete Fourier TransformMathematics
Arizona Defensive Firearms TrainingState & Local
Adaptable Data Fusion TestbedSoftware
African Designers For TomorrowForums
Adaptive Data Fusion TechnologyDatabases
Augmented Dickey-Fuller TestMathematics
A Dam Funky TalentsUnclassified
A Drink For TomorrowUnclassified
Accidental Damage Fire and TheftUnclassified
Advanced Digital Forensic TechniqueCyber & Security
Advanced Digital Forensic TechniquesPolice
Amplified Dispersive Fourier TransformationElectronics
Appraised Dry Film ThicknessUnclassified
Arkham Digital Fighting TournamentUnclassified
Ascent Development Flight TestDevelopment
Augmented Dickey Fuller TechniqueUnclassified
Auxiliary Density Functional TheoryUnclassified

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