What does ADT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ADT:



Average Daily TrafficTransportation
Abstract Data TypeGeneral Computing
Average Daily TripsTransportation
Androgen Deprivation TherapyLaboratory
Administrative Decisions TribunalUS Government
Active Duty for TrainingMilitary
Atlantic Daylight TimeTime Zones
American Discovery TrailNon-Profit Organizations
Admission, Discharge, TransferPhysiology
American District TelegraphCompanies & Firms
Automatic Double TrackingMilitary
Aminet Download ToolSoftware
Automatic Digital TesterMilitary
Average Daily TravelGeneral Business
Advanced Digital TrimAircraft & Aviation
AdTech Fax documentFile Extensions
Dictionary (Lingvo)File Extensions
Applied Diagnostic TechniquesElectronics
Alianza Del TrabajoUnions
Array Display ToolSoftware
Accumulated Delay TranscriptionNews & Media
HP NewWave Cardfile Application DatafileFile Extensions
America's Dumbest TechniciansFunnies
A Daft TosserFunnies
Advanced Development ToolCyber & Security
Active Death TherapyMedical
American District Telegraph CompanyCompanies & Firms
Alphanumeric Display TerminalTexting
AIR Developer ToolUnclassified
Articulated Dump TruckConstruction
Admit Discharge and TransferUnclassified
Ant Detection TechnologyCyber & Security
Automated Data TransferUnclassified
Advanced Dvorak TechniqueUnclassified
Air Data TransducerEnvironmental
Android Developer ToolsUnclassified
Android Development ToolsSoftware
Agri-Business Development TeamFarming & Agriculture
Airtel Digital TelevisionCompanies & Firms
Auditory Discrimination TestPsychology
Abstract Definition TypeUnclassified
Abu Dhabi TerminalsUnclassified
Active Duty TrainingUnclassified
Actual Dive TimeUnclassified
Actual Dysphoric TransUnclassified
Admission Discharge and TransferUnclassified
Admission Discharge TransferUnclassified
Advanced Diamond TechnologiesUnclassified
Advanced Dicing TechnologiesUnclassified
Advanced Digital TechnologyTechnology
Agribusiness Development TeamDevelopment
Alarm Damn TerrorUnclassified
Algebraic Data TypeUnclassified
Algebraic Data TypesUnclassified
Algorithmic Decision TheoryUnclassified
All Defensive TeamUnclassified
Application Development ToolsDevelopment
Art Dream TeamUnclassified
Artificial Double TrackingUnclassified
Associate Degree for TransferUnclassified
Associate Degrees for TransferUnclassified
Automatic Detection and TrackingUnclassified
Average Daily TheoreticalUnclassified
Active Directory ToolsSoftware
adenosine triphosphateBritish Medicine
Adept Telecom, P.L.C. Ordinary sharesLondon Stock Exchange
Admission, Discharge and TransferHospitals
Admission/Discharge TransferHospitals
Admissions, Discharges and TransfersBritish Medicine
Agar Diffusion TestBritish Medicine
Alternate Day TherapyBritish Medicine
Antigen Detection TestBritish Medicine
Approved Departure TimeAircraft & Aviation
Arabia Daylight TimeTime Zones
Arizona Driving TrialState & Local
Army Dependants’ TrustNon-Profit Organizations
Assign Digital Transmission GroupMilitary

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