What does AFTA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AFTA:



Asean Free Trade AreaRegional
Australian Federation of Travel AgentsCompanies & Firms
Andean Free Trade AgreementInternational Business
Asean Free Trade AgreementInternational Business
Apatite Fission Track AnalysisGeology
Australian Freestyle Taekwondo AcademySports
Association of Finnish Travel AgentsProfessional Organizations
Action First Talk AfterUS Government
Academy of Film and Television ArtsNews & Media
African Free Trade AreaGeneral Business
Arts For The AgingNon-Profit Organizations
America's Favorite Teenage AlienHobbies
Always Fly The AircraftTransportation
Anti Feminist Trans ActivistUnclassified
All For The AnimalsAnimals
Astrophysics Focused Telescope AssetsPhysics
Americans for the ArtsArt
Agree First Talk AfterUnclassified
Association For Temperate AgroforestryEnvironmental
American Family Therapy AcademyUniversities
Armed Forces Tickets AssociationAssociations
Academy for the ArtsAcademic & Science
Agree First And Talk AfterUnclassified
American Free Trade AssociationAssociations
AR Fire Training AcademyAcademic & Science
Association for Technical AnalysisAssociations
Association Of Fil Am Teachers Of AmericaAssociations
Association Of Filipino Teachers Of AmericaAssociations
Acoustic Fatigue Test ArticleNASA
Aft Frame Tilt ActuatorNASA
Air Force Training AcademyMilitary
Associate of the Federation of Tax AdvisersAccounting
Association For Torah AdvancementReligion

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