What does AHS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AHS:



Automated Highway SystemElectronics
Arlington High SchoolSchools
Alhambra High SchoolSchools
Athens High SchoolSchools
American HIking SocietyHiking
American Heartworm SocietyVeterinary
Arab Horse SocietyVeterinary
American High SchoolSchools
Atholton High SchoolSchools
Academy of Health SciencesMilitary
Amsterdam High SchoolSchools
Atherton High SchoolSchools
Academic High SchoolEducational
American Harp SocietyMusic
Alternative Hedonistic SourceUnclassified
Assault Hoseline SystemMilitary
Ahuas, HondurasAirport Codes
Arroyo High School, El Monte, CaliforniaSchools
Awesome Heavenly ScriptureReligion
All Hail SuperFunnies
Aligned Hierarchy SeekerUnclassified
Always Happy SistersCommunity
Advanced Habbo SecurityCyber & Security
Applied Health SciencesHealthcare
Antlers High SchoolSchools
Absolute Honesty In ServiceUnclassified
Addison High SchoolSchools
Agricultural High SchoolFarming & Agriculture
American Hosta SocietySocieties
Asian Human ServicesAsian
Agency of Human ServicesAgencies
American Hanoverian SocietySocieties
Arapahoe High SchoolSchools
Ayumi Hamasaki SekaiUnclassified
American Hemerocallis SocietySocieties
American Horticultural SocietySocieties
Ancestral Health SocietySocieties
Automated Highway SystemsUnclassified
Always Has SchoolSchools
American Headache SocietySocieties
Armstrong High SchoolSchools
American Hemerocallis Society'sSocieties
American Hernia SocietySocieties
American Hiking Society'sSocieties
American Housing SurveyHousing & Amenities
AMN Healthcare ServicesHealthcare
Accelerated High SchoolSchools
Acquired Hyperostosis SyndromeBritish Medicine
Active Handling SystemUnclassified
Adjustable Handlebar SystemUnclassified
Administrative Hearings SectionUnclassified
Adult High SchoolSchools
Advanced Hair SolutionsUnclassified
Advanced Hardware SupportHardware
Adventist Health SystemHealthcare
Agricultural Health StudyFarming & Agriculture
Alameda Health SystemHealthcare
Alameda High SchoolSchools
Albany High SchoolSchools
Albemarle High SchoolSchools
Aligned Hub SeekerUnclassified
American HeadacheUnclassified
American Hebephilia SocietySocieties
American Helicopter SocietySocieties
American Home SeriesUnclassified
American Home ShieldUnclassified
American Horror SatanismUnclassified
Anacortes High SchoolSchools
Ancestral Health SymposiumHealthcare
Anglican High SchoolSchools
Animal Humane SocietyAnimals
Antiquated Hashing StandardUnclassified
Applied Health ScienceHealthcare
Arcadia High SchoolSchools
Arizona Humane SocietySocieties
Arizona Hydrological SocietySocieties
Ashland High SchoolSchools
Asian Health ServicesAsian
Atascadero High SchoolSchools
Atlanta Humane SocietySocieties
Atwater High SchoolSchools
Austin Humane SocietySocieties
Automated Haulage SystemsUnclassified
Automated Health SystemsHealthcare
Autonomous Haulage SystemUnclassified
Avon High SchoolSchools
Aboriginal Health ServicesBritish Medicine
Action on Health & SmokingBritish Medicine
acute HIV syndromeBritish Medicine
Adventist Health StudyBritish Medicine
Alberta Health ServicesHospitals
Alberta Health Services (Canada)Governmental
Alien hand syndromeDiseases
Alpers-Huttenlocher syndromeBritish Medicine
Alpha Haemolytic StreptococciBritish Medicine
Alveolar Hypoventilation SyndromeBritish Medicine
American Horror StoryNews & Media
American Hospital SocietyBritish Medicine
Ammon’s horn sclerosisBritish Medicine
Anticonvulsant Hypersensitivity SyndromeBritish Medicine
Assistant House SurgeonBritish Medicine
Association for Humanist SociologySocieties

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