What does AIDS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AIDS:



Acquired Immune Deficiency SyndromeMilitary
Almost Ideal Demand SystemStock Exchange
As If Doing SomethingFunnies
Anally Injected Death SentenceFunnies
American Invention to Discourage SexFunnies
Army Inventory of Data SystemsMilitary
Acquired Insanity Due to StudiesFunnies
All In Dead SilenceFunnies
ADCOM (Aerospace Defense COMmand) Information Display SystemMilitary
Air Improvement Disruption SyndromeMeteorology
Automated Infantry Data SystemMilitary
American Invention to Disrupt SexFunnies
Acquiring Information Destroying StereotypesCommunity
Acquired Immune Deficiency SyndromesSyndromes
American Invention to Demonize SexFunnies
Another Illegal Disease SpottedFunnies
Autism Is Deadly SonFunnies
As I Die SlowlyChat
σύνδροο επίκτητης ανοσοποιητικής ανεπάρκειαςGreek
Alcohol Induced Dizzy SpellsFunnies
Accretive Industrial Development SyndromeReal Estate
Accident/Incident Data SystemTransportation
All Individuals Deserve SupportNon-Profit Organizations
A**hole Infected; Dead SoonSlang
Aircraft Integrated Data SystemAircraft & Aviation
Airborne Integrated Data SystemAircraft & Aviation
Academy of International Dental StudiesProfessional Organizations
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrom1Unclassified
acquired immunodeficiency syndromeMedical
Anally Injected Death SerumCommunity
An Interactive Delicate StigmaSoftware
Acquired Immune Deficiency SydromeOncology

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