What does AIMS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AIMS:



Australian Institute of Marine ScienceOcean Science
Arizona's Instrument to Measure StandardsEducational
Activities Integrating Mathematics and ScienceUniversities
Auto Indexing Mass StorageGeneral Computing
Activities Integrating Math and ScienceEducational
Academic Information Management SystemUniversities
American Institute of Merchant ShippingTransportation
Automated Instructional Management SystemMilitary
Automated Information Mapping SystemProducts
Account Information Management SystemAccounting
Australian International Moving ServicesCompanies & Firms
Assessment Information Management SystemManagement
Advanced Invoice Management SystemAccounting
Advanced Integrated Man Portable SystemMilitary
Automotive Invoicing Management SoftwareGeneral Business
Alternative Instructional Management SystemEducational
Amnesty International Maastricht StudentsStudents
Association for Improvement of Maternity ServicesNon-Profit Organizations
Australian International Mortgage SecuritiesStock Exchange
Activities for Integrating Mathematics and ScienceMathematics
Assimilation, Integration, Marginalization, SegregationGeneral Business
Alternate Instruction Management SystemUniversities
Assimilation Integration Marginalization SegregationUnclassified
Aspirations In Medical ServicesUniversities
Automated International Market SystemStock Exchange
Assess Improve Measure And SustainUnclassified
Advanced Inventory Management SystemLogistics
Aid Information Mapping ServicesGeography
Army Information for Movement SystemMilitary
Association Integrity Materials StratigraphyProfessional Organizations
Academic Inspiration for Minority SuccessEducational
Apparel Industry Management ServicesClothing
Action Information Motivation And SelfUnclassified
Assets and Infrastructure Management SystemAccounting
Advertising Importing Manufacturing SpeciManufacturing
Assyrian Information Management SystemFunnies
Attendance Inter-club Membership ServiceNon-Profit Organizations
Arena Intrusion Monitoring SolutionUnclassified
Abnormal Involuntary Movement SscaleMedical
Artificial Intelligence Molecular ScreenArtificial Intelligence
Anaesthesia Information Management SystemManagement
Arabic Immersion Magnet SchoolArabic
Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious SightingsUnclassified
African Institute for Mathematical SciencesAfrican
Afghanistan Information Management ServiceGovernmental
Arizona Instrument to Measure StandardsUnclassified
Academic Inventory Measurement SystemSchools
Adventures In Medicine and ScienceMedical
Albuquerque Institute for Mathematics and ScienceMathematics
Arizonas Instrument to Measure StandardsState & Local
Aircraft Inventory Maintenance SystemTransportation
Association of Irish Musical SocietiesMusic
Awareness Interaction Measurement SynergisticUnclassified
Academic Intervention Monitoring SystemAcademic & Science
Academic Investment in Mathematics and ScienceMathematics
Accelerating International Missions StrategiesUnclassified
Acclamation Insurance Management ServicesInsurance
Administrative Information Management SystemManagement
Advanced Integrated Mathematical SystemUnclassified
Advances Information Management SystemManagement
Adventures In Medicine ScienceMedical
Advertising and Integrated Marketing SolutionsMarketing
Advertising Integrated Marketing SolutionsMarketing
Advice Information and Mediation ServicesUnclassified
Agricultural Information Management StandardsFarming & Agriculture
Airport Information Management SystemManagement
Alberta Infant Motor ScaleUnclassified
Alberta Infant Motor ScalesUnclassified
Alliance for IP Media SolutionsNews & Media
Altitude Identification and Measuring SystemUnclassified
American Institute for Maghrib StudiesInstitutes
American Institute of Mathematical SciencesInstitutes
Amusement Industry Manufacturers and SuppliersProfessional Organizations
Ancestry Informative Markers in ScientificUnclassified
Anderson Island Mystic SeaportConferences
Anger and Irritability Management SkillsManagement
Antarctic Infrastructure Modernization for ScienceAcademic & Science
Antigo Independently Motivated StudentsUnclassified
APHL Informatics Messaging ServicesUnclassified
Association of Indian Management SchoolsManagement
Australian Incident Management System3Australian
Automated Information Management SystemManagement
Automated Information MappingUnclassified
Autonomous Infrastructure Management and SecurityManagement
Autonomous Intelligent Machines and SystemsUnclassified
Avatier Identity Management SystemManagement
Awareness Interests Movement and SensoryUnclassified
Abnormal Involuntary Movement ScalePhysiology
Abnormal Involuntary Movements ScaleClinical Medicine
Acharya Institute of Management and SciencesInstitutes
Adaptable Intelligent Modeling & SimulationMilitary
Advanced Information Management SystemIT
Adventist International Mission SchoolInternational
Afghanistan Information Management ServicesManagement
Agency Information Management SystemFDA
Airplane Information Management SystemAircraft & Aviation
Alliance for Improving Manufacturing SuccessProfessional Organizations
American Indian Model SchoolsSchools
American Institute of Musical StudiesInstitutes
Amrita Institute of Medical SciencesInstitutes
Anaesthesia Incident Monitoring StudyClinical Medicine
Anaesthetic Incident Monitoring StudyMedical
Andadvice Information And Mediation ServiceNews & Media
Anesthesia Information Management SystemMedical
Apparel Information Management SystemCompanies & Firms
Architectural Information Management SystemArchitecture
Arthritis Impact Measurement ScaleBritish Medicine
Asset Integrity Monitoring SystemGeneral Business
Associated Independent Motor SchoolsAutomotive
Association for Improvements in Maternity ServicesBritish Medicine
Association Internationale de Management StratégiqueSocieties
Association of Independent Motor StoresAutomotive
Association of Internes and Medical StudentsAssociations
Atlantic Institute for Market StudiesInstitutes
Australian Incident Monitoring SystemBritish Medicine
Australian International Motor ShowAustralian
Auto Index Mass StorageIT
Automated indexing management systemBritish Medicine
Automated Information for Movement SystemIT
Automated Informed Maintenance SystemNASA
Automated Invoice Matching SystemIT
International Association of Strategic ManagementSocieties

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