What does AIT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AIT:



Asian Institute of TechnologyUniversities
Advanced Individual TrainingMilitary
Advanced Intelligent TapeGeneral Computing
Automatic Identification TechnologyMilitary
Auditory Integration TrainingSoftware
Astronauts In TroubleNASA
Agency for Instructional TechnologyEducational
Alliance Internationale de TourismeInternational Business
Aichi Institute of TechnologyUniversities
Applied Information TechnologyAcademic Degrees
Algorithmic Information TheoryMathematics
Aryan Invasion TheoryMilitary
AsociaciĆ³n Internacional de TrabajadoresSpanish
Arts Initiative TokyoPerforming Arts
African Independent TelevisionNews & Media
Advanced Infantry TrainingMilitary
Auditory Integration TherapyPhysiology
Atmospheric Interceptor TechnologyAir Force
Automated Identification TechnologyTransportation
Assembly, Integration and TestNASA
Automated Information TransferTransportation
Advanced Intelligent TechnologyGeneral Computing
Agency for Instructional TelevisionNews & Media
Action Item TrackingMilitary
Atomic International TimeNASA
Azzurra Italian TourneySports
Aid In TrainingOccupation & Positions
Acute Intensive TreatmentPhysiology
Angersbach International ToursCompanies & Firms
Apathetic Incompetent TroglodytesFunnies
Antiquated Inept ThievesLaw & Legal
Advanced Institutional TrainingUniversities
Ants In TrainingFunnies
Aitutaki, South Pacific, Cook IslandAirport Codes
Steve Kurtz Field, Aitkin Municipal Airport, Aitkin, Minnesota USAAirport Codes
ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION TechnologistOccupation & Positions
All Included TaxesTax
American Institute of TruckingInstitutes
Africa Independent TelevisionAfrican
autoimmune thyroiditisBritish Medicine
Academy for Information TechnologyTechnology
Adobe Illustrator TemplateUnclassified
Advanced Imaging TechnologyTechnology
Advanced Integrated TechnologiesUnclassified
Advanced Integration TechnologyTechnology
Aide In TrainingUnclassified
Always in TouchUnclassified
Ambedkar Institute of TechnologyTechnology
Appear Institute of TechnologyTechnology
Application Information TableUnclassified
Applied Industrial TechnologiesUnclassified
Applied Instrument TechnologiesUnclassified
Applied Integrated TechnologiesUnclassified
Associate in Information TechnologyTechnology
Athlone Institute of TechnologyTechnology
AutoIt Image TextureUnclassified
Automatic Identification TechnologiesUnclassified
Avionics Interface TechnologiesUnclassified
Active Capital (formerly AIT Capital Group) (de-listed)London Stock Exchange
Adichunchanagiri Institute of TechnologyUniversities
Adithya Institute of TechnologyUniversities
Administrative Information TechnicianOccupation & Positions
adoptive immunotherapyBritish Medicine
Advanced Integrative TherapyMedical
Aeromedical Isolation TeamMilitary
After-Image TransferBritish Medicine
anterior inferotemporalBritish Medicine
Antibody-Incompatible TransplantationBritish Medicine
Auditory Integrated TrainingBritish Medicine
autoimmune thrombocytopaeniaBritish Medicine

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