What does AIU stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AIU:



American Intercontinental UniversityUniversities
American International UnderwritersCompanies & Firms
Accident Investigation UnitPolice
Analog Interface UnitTelecom
Application Interface UnitGeneral Computing
Advanced Interface UnitMilitary
Advice Information UpdatesGeneral Computing
Atiu Island, South Pacific, Cook IslandAirport Codes
Association of Indian UniversitiesUniversities
Applicant Investigation UnitLaw & Legal
Auxiliary Input UnitUnclassified
American Intercontinental University'sUniversities
Allegheny Intermediate UnitUnclassified
Atlantic International UniversityUniversities
Acceptance Include and UnderstandUnclassified
Adoption Implementation UpgradeFoster & Adoption
Adrenal Insufficiency UnitedUnclassified
Aircraft Interface UnitAircraft & Aviation
Akita International UniversityUniversities
Alliance International UniversityInternational
Amalgamated Insurance UnderwritersInsurance
American International UrinalysisUnclassified
Analytic Interventions UnitUnclassified
Annual Institutional UpdateUnclassified
Aran Insurance UnderwritersInsurance
Artificial Intelligence UnitArtificial Intelligence
As I UnderstandChat
Association of Indian UltrasAssociations
Athletics Integrity UnitAthletics
Audio Interface UnitUnclassified
Abort Interface UnitNASA
ADN (Automatic Digital Network) Interface UnitMilitary
Adopt, Implement or UpgradeState & Local
Asociación de Ingenieros del UruguaySocieties
Association internationale des UniversitésSocieties
Association of Engineers of UruguaySocieties
Audit Inspection UnitAccounting
Avionics Interface UnitNASA
International Association of UniversitiesSocieties

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