What does ALERT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ALERT:



Advanced Local Emergency Response TeamCommunity
Advanced Law Enforcement Response TechnologyLaw & Legal
Accelerated Licensure Evaluation And Review TechniquesUS Government
Air Land Emergency Rescue TeamMilitary
Assisted Learning Environment Response TeamEducational
Actual Learning Environment Response TrainingEducational
Augmented Learning Environment for Renewable TeachingEducational
Attack Launch Early Reporting to TheaterMilitary
Area Law Enforcement and Retailers TeamPolice
Alhambra Local Emergency Response TeamUnclassified
Accountability Leads To Empowered And Responsible TeensUnclassified
Active For Literacy And Environmental Renovation TaskLiteracy
Authorized Local Emergency Response TeamUnclassified
Alberta Law Enforcement Response TeamsLaw & Legal
A Local Emergency Response TeamUnclassified
Asbestos Location Equipment in Real TimeUnclassified
Association of Local Emergency Responding TownsProfessional Organizations
Awareness Leads To Educated Responsible ThinkingUnclassified
At Lunch Enjoyable Reading TimeEducational
Assure Look Employees Reports and ThreatEmployment
Adolescent Learning Experiences in Resistance TrainingEducational
African Lion and Environmental Research TrustAfrican
Asbestos Locating Equipment in Real TimeUnclassified
Awareness and Localization of Explosives Related ThreatsUnclassified
A Locally Empowered Response TeamUnclassified
Adolescent Learning Experiences Resistance TrainingEducational
Assess Lockdown Evade Resist and TellUnclassified
Attentive Likable Eager Reliable and ThoughtfulUnclassified
Automated Local Evaluation in Real TimeUnclassified
Active Learning Experiences in Resourceful ThinkingAcademic & Science
Acute Launch Emergency Reliability TipNASA
Acute Life-threatening Events Recognition and TreatmentBritish Medicine
Adelante Life-saving Emergency Response TeamHealthcare
Allergy to Latex Education and Resource TeamBritish Medicine
Army Law Enforcement Responder TechnologiesLaw & Legal
Assessment of Lescol in Renal TransplantationBritish Medicine
Attack and Launch Early Reporting to TheaterMilitary

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