What does ALICE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ALICE:



A Large Ion Collider ExperimentPhysics
Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer EntitySoftware
Adult Learning Information Centre EuropeEuropean
The American Legislative Issue Campaign ExchangeAccounting
Active Learning In A Computer EnvironmentComputing
Abbreviation Lifter Using Corpus-based ExtractionFunnies
Advanced Lightweight Individual Carrying EquipmentMilitary
Artistic Linguistic Internet Computer EntityGeneral Computing
Advanced Light Infantry Combat ExosuitUnclassified
Advanced Logistics And Inconsequence Cognizing EquipmentLogistics
Artificial Linguistic Intelligent Chatting EntityLinguistics
Alert Lockdown Inform Counter and EvacuateUnclassified
Asset Limited Income Constrained EmployedUnclassified
Attractive Lovely Irresistable Colorful ExtraordinaryUnclassified
Alert Lockdown Inform Counter EvacuateUnclassified
Artificial Living Intelligent Computerized EntityComputing
A Life Improving Customer ExperienceUnclassified
Asset Limited Income Constrained and EmployedUnclassified
American Legislative and Issue Campaign ExchangeLegislation
A Little Investment for Choice and EInvestments
Adaptive Learning for Interdisciplinary Collaborative EnvironmentsEducational
Alert Lockdown Inform Counter and EvaluateUnclassified
Alice's Library In Cumberland EastLibraries

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