What does AMC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AMC:



Air Mobility CommandTransportation
Army Materiel CommandMilitary
Asset Management CompanyStock Exchange
Albany Medical CollegeColleges
American Multi CinemaNews & Media
American Movie ClassicsFilm Censorship
Annual Maintenance ContractGeneral Business
American Motors CorporationCompanies & Firms
Advanced Mezzanine CardHardware
Appalachian Mountain ClubHiking
American Music CenterCompanies & Firms
Arthrogryposis Multiplex CongenitaPhysiology
American Mathematics CompetitionsMathematics
American Muscle CarFunnies
Associated Merchandising CorporationCompanies & Firms
A Major CostFunnies
Annual Management ChargeManagement
All Makes CombinedFunnies
Australian Magnesium Corporation, LimitedCompanies & Firms
Another Major CatastropheFunnies
United States Air Force Air Mobility CommandAir Force
Airborne Molecular ContaminationElectronics
American Mathematics CompetitionMathematics
A Mutated CarFunnies
A Morons CarFunnies
American Movie ChannelUnclassified
Acquisition Method CodeMilitary
Advanced Mission ComputerNASA
Arizona Mountaineering ClubHiking
After Market ClosesStock Exchange
Atlantic Marine CenterOcean Science
America Meets CanadaCanadian
Archives and Manuscripts CollectionHistory
All Models CarUnclassified
Adds, Moves, and ChangesTelecom
Active Mission ControlNASA
Australian Multiplex CinemasAustralian
Asociación Amigos de los niños Hogar mi CasaGuatemalan
American Mortgage Acceptance CorporationAMEX Symbols
Academic Mastery CenterSports
All Motor CarUnclassified
Anti Matter CoinsScience Fiction
Answering Machine CheckNetworking
America's Movie ClassicsNews & Media
Active Mindful CaringEducational
Automatic Mostly CopyingUnclassified
Appalachian Money CollectorsUnclassified
Accident Management Company, Ltd.Companies & Firms
Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad CompanyRailroads
Arthrogryposis Multiplex CongenityPhysiology
All Mighty ChristUnclassified
A Magnificent CarUnclassified
Alpha Moonbase CourierUnclassified
America Mexico And CanadaCanadian
Aircrafts Maintenance CorporationAircraft & Aviation
Antecendent Moisture ConditionUnclassified
All Monster ComicsNews & Media
Anime and Manga ClubHobbies
American Movie CoUnclassified
Ancient Medieval CivilizationUnclassified
Any Movie ConsideredUnclassified
Annual Miantenance ContractGeneral Computing
A Ministry To ChiropractorsGovernmental
Alex Marshall ChatUnclassified
Additive Manufacturing ConsortiumBusiness
Assset Managament CompanyCompanies & Firms
Australian Medical CouncilMedical
IEEE International Workshop on Advanced Motion ControlIEEE
Association de Musicothérapie du CanadaSocieties
Acceptable Means of ComplianceLegislation
Amur MineralsLondon Stock Exchange
Audie Murphy ChannelUnclassified
Adaptive Modulation and CodingSoftware
Adult Movie CentreUnclassified
Advanced Makeup ComponentUnclassified
Advanced MakeUp ComponentsUnclassified
ADVANCED Motion ControlsUnclassified
Air MobilityUnclassified
Albany Medical CenterMedical
Armed Merchant CruiserShipping & Sailing
Assam Medical CollegeColleges
Adirondack Mountain CateringUnclassified
Association Management CompanyManagement
Aviation Maintenance CompanyAircraft & Aviation
Academic Medical CenterMedical
Active Massive and CurrentUnclassified
Advance Market CommitmentUnclassified
Affiliate Marketing CouncilCouncil
After Martian ColonizationUnclassified
Ain't My CarFunnies
Airlift Military CommandMilitary
Allied Media ConferenceConferences
Always More CommercialsUnclassified
Annual Maintainance ContractUnclassified
Appraisal Management CompanyManagement
Asian Multicultural CouncilAsian
A Million CiviliansMilitary
Academia Mexicana de CienciasSocieties
Academia Mexicana de CirugíaSocieties
Afterlife Media CommunicationCompanies & Firms
Agiculture Market CommiteCulture
Ahmedabad Municipal CorporationRegional
Airborne Mission CoordinatorMilitary
Alas, More CommercialsFunnies
Alcoholics Making CarsFunnies
Alexis Minerals CorporationToronto Stock Exchange
All Manufacturing CostsAccounting
All My ChildrenUnclassified
Aluminium Matrix CompositePhysics
Amador Central RailroadRailroads
Amcor LtdASX Symbols
American basic CableTV Stations
American MENSA CommitteeNon-Profit Organizations
American Mortgage CorporationMortgage
American Music ConferenceSocieties
Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi RailroadRailroads
Army Material CommandMilitary
Army Medical CorpsMilitary
Arua Municipal CouncilState & Local
Asset Management ControlsProfessional Organizations
Association médicale canadienneSocieties
Association Minéralogique du CanadaSocieties
Association Minière du CanadaSocieties
Athletic Mafia ClubJogging
ATS Messaging Management CentreInternational
Automatic Mixture ControlNASA
Average Match CountMathematics
Aviation Structural Mechanic Chief Petty OfficerNavy
Canadian Association for Music TherapySocieties
Canadian Medical AssociationSocieties
Coastal Minesweeper (Auxiliary, Minesweeper, Coastal)Shipping & Sailing
Mexican Academy of SciencesSocieties
Mexican Academy of SurgerySocieties
Midpoint Compromise search AreaMilitary
Mineralogical Association of CanadaSocieties
Mining Association of CanadaSocieties

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