What does ANN stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ANN:



Artificial Neural NetworkElectronics
Anime News NetworkNews & Media
AnnTaylor Stores CorporationNYSE Symbols
Approximate Nearest NeighborUnclassified
Approximate Nearest NeighborsNetworking
Ammonia Nitrite NitrateChemistry
Active Node NetworkNetworking
Windows 3.x Help ANNotationsFile Extensions
Program Director for Navigation and LandingTransportation
Annette Island, Alaska USAAirport Codes
Another Nameless NumberUnclassified
Announcer Netartreview NetUnclassified
AnnualLaw & Legal
AnnuityNames and Nicknames
Adventist News NetworkNews & Media
abelle Annabeth AnnaliseUnclassified
Approximated Nearest NeighbourUnclassified
Annals ANN AnnealedUnclassified
asophia Annie AnnikaUnclassified
Asia News NetworkNews & Media
Africa News NetworkAfrican
Annual ANN AnimeUnclassified
Anissa Anna AnnabellaUnclassified
Approximate Nearest NeighbourUnclassified
Artistic Neutral NeuronsArt
Adcomis Network NigeriaCompanies & Firms
Added New NameNames and Nicknames
Ansell LtdASX Symbols
Answer Signal No ChargeIT
Artificial Neural NetworksBiotechnology
Assign NNX RoutingMilitary
Auditing Network NeedsIT
International Forum on Applications of Neural Networks to Power SystemsConferences

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