What does AOA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AOA:



Administration On AgingUS Government
American Osteopathic AssociationProfessional Organizations
Alliance of Overclocking ArtsHardware
Angle Of AttackTransportation
All Of the AboveTexting
American Ostrich AssociationProfessional Organizations
Amphibious Objective AreaMilitary
Age Of ApocalypseSports
Air Operations AreaTransportation
Add- On ArmorMilitary
Any One AccidentTransportation
Abbreviated Operational AssessmentMilitary
Alaska Optometric AssociationNon-Profit Organizations
Alive On ArrivalPhysiology
Alberta Orienteering AssociationSports
Analysis of AlternativesGeneral Business
Absolutely Outrageous AcronymFunnies
Assalam O AlaikumUnclassified
Ace of AngelsUnclassified
Aircraft Operations AreaAircraft & Aviation
Alpha Omega Alpha (ΑΩΑ)Academic & Science
Age of ApocolypseUnclassified
Alpaca Owners AssociationAssociations
After Orgasm AffectionUnclassified
Attack On AcquisitionMilitary
Avenue of the AmericasUnclassified
Articles Of AssociationCompanies & Firms
Accuracy of AcceptanceUnclassified
Ace of AnglesUnclassified
Arizona Outback AdventuresUnclassified
Apartment Owners AssociationAssociations
Active Older AdultsUnclassified
Activity On ArrowUnclassified
All Over AyrshireUnclassified
American Orthopaedic AssociationOrthopaedic
Advance Order AuthorisationGeneral Business
Android Open AccessoryUnclassified
Air Office AdministrationUnclassified
Art of AthleticsAthletics
ASCA Online ArxivAstronomy
Academic Opportunities in AmericaAcademic & Science
Accelerator Of AcceleratorsUnclassified
Acronym On the AbbreviationsUnclassified
Acronym Or AbbreviationUnclassified
Active Older AdultUnclassified
Activity On ArcUnclassified
Adidas Only AddictionUnclassified
Adult Onset AviatorUnclassified
Airport Operations AreaAircraft & Aviation
American Outlaws AssociationAssociations
Amphibious Operating AreaUnclassified
Amphibious Operations AreaUnclassified
Appalachia Ohio AllianceAlliances
Appalachia Outdoor AdventuresUnclassified
ASCA online archiveUnclassified
Asia and Oceania AssociationAssociations
Asslam O AlaikumUnclassified
Authorised OECD ApproachTax
Abort Once AroundNASA
Advanced Office AutomationGeneral Business
Affordable Online AdvertisingAdvertising
AIMMS Outer Approximation algorithmMathematics
All Other ActivitiesChess
Alpha Omega AlphaAcademic Degrees
American Optometric AssociationProfessional Organizations
Analysis of ActionsManufacturing
Andrews Osborne AcademyAcademic & Science
Angle Of ArrivalMilitary
Anhydrous Oripavine AlkaloidChemistry
Announcement On ArrivalChat
Annual Operating AgreementNASA
Argentine Odontological AssociationSocieties
Arizona Orthopaedic AssociatesCompanies & Firms
Asian Ombudsman AssociationInternational Business
Asociación Odontológica ArgentinaSocieties
Association of Otolaryngology AdministratorsProfessional Organizations
Ataxia with oculomotor apraxiaMedical
Atlanta Ophthalmology AssociatesCompanies & Firms
Auditing Oversight Authority (Slovak Republic)Accounting
Australian Orthopaedic AssociationSocieties
Auxiliary Organizations AssociationNon-Profit Organizations

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