What does AOI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AOI:



Automated Optical InspectionGeneral Business
Area Of InterestMilitary
Automatic Optical InspectionElectronics
Ancona, ItalyAirport Codes
Angle Of IncidencePhysics
Age Of InnocenceGaming
And Or InvertAssembly
Africa Orientale ItalianaAfrican
Apple Orthodontix, Inc.AMEX Symbols
Associate Office InfrastructureUSPS
Advance Ordering InformationGeneral Business
Absence Of InkGeneral Computing
All Other IncomeAccounting
Ancestry Online ImageCommunity
Ability, Opportunity, and IntentLaw & Legal
Alliance One InternationalAlliances
All Original ImportUnclassified
Availability of InformationUnclassified
Associated Oregon IndustriesUnclassified
Arab Organization for IndustrializationUnclassified
Art of IllusionUnclassified
Association Of IllustratorsAssociations
Aide Odontologique InternationaleUnclassified
Applied Optoelectronics IncElectronics
Academic Outreach and InnovationAcademic & Science
Active Output InterfaceUnclassified
Add On InstructionUnclassified
All in One InstallerUnclassified
Anemia Of InflammationUnclassified
Angle Of IncidenceArabUnclassified
Areas of InterestUnclassified
Army of IslamMilitary
Association of Optometrists IrelandAssociations
Association of Otolaryngologists of IndiaAssociations
Auditory Osseointegrated ImplantUnclassified
Adjusted Operating IncomeAccounting
Agreement Of InspectionManufacturing
Arab Organization of IndustrializationRegional
Area Of ImprovementTexting
Areas Of InteractionPhysics
Assignment Of InterestBusiness

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