What does ARK stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ARK:



Advisors Of Rubi KaScience Fiction
At Risk KidsUnclassified
Assessment Resource KitEducational
Adults Relating To KidsEducational
Address Resolution KeyNetworking
QUARK Compressed file archiveFile Extensions
Applied Research KnowledgeUniversities
Managing your Money Archive fileFile Extensions
Athletes Running for KidsNon-Profit Organizations
ARC archive fileFile Extensions
Artists Reaching KidsEducational
Address Resolution KeysUnclassified
Advanced Rendering KernelGeneral Computing
Assets Resources And KnowledgeGeneral Business
Akita Rescue KennelsUnclassified
Akira Reina KaibaUnclassified
Senior High Income Partners of Florida, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Acknowledge And Reward KidsUnclassified
Actively Restoring KidsUnclassified
Altogether Ready For KinshipUnclassified
Acts of Random KindnessMiscellaneous
Act of Random KindnessReligion
Acts of Regular KindnessUnclassified
Act of Random KindlessUnclassified
Animal Refuge KansaiAnimals
Amazing Righteous KidsUnclassified
Advances in Robot KinematicsUnclassified
Architektur Recycled KulturstallGerman
Archival Resource KeyUnclassified
Akasaka Roppongi KnotUnclassified
Automated Relational KnowledgebaseUnclassified
Advocacy Respect and KnowledgeUnclassified
Advanced Resources For KidsEducational

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