What does ARMY stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ARMY:



Ain't Ready for the Marines YetFunnies
Aren't Ready For Marines YetUnited Nations
Ain't Really Marines YetFunnies
Ain't Ready For Marines YetMilitary
Aren't Really Men YetFunnies
The Airforce Rejected Me YesterdayFunnies
Aint Really Marines YetUnclassified
Arent Really Marines YetUnclassified
Table of Distribution and Allowances/ Installation ArmyMilitary
The Operating Army (divisions and corps)Military
Anointed Radical Missionary YouthYouth
Arent Ready For Marines YetUnclassified
Aint Really A Marine YetUnclassified
Ainta Real Marine YetUnclassified
A Recruiter Misinformed YouMilitary
Adult Role Models for YouthYouth
Always Reply Me YesChat
Military Regimed Arm ForcesWebsites
A Real Mean YankeeFunnies
Alert Ready Mobility of YoungFunnies
Another Requisitioned Military YouthMilitary
Army Ruins My YouthYouth
A Really Massive YachtFunnies
Arnt Really Marine YetUnclassified
Aint Ready for Marines YetUnclassified
Adorable Representative Mc for YouthMusic

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