What does ARTS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ARTS:



Automated Radar Terminal SystemTransportation
Arts Recognition and Talent SearchPerforming Arts
Artscene Radio Talk ShowNews & Media
Association for Retail Technology StandardsCompanies & Firms
Analog Real-Time SynthesizerHardware
Advanced Rural Transportation SystemsTransportation
Atmospheric Radiative Transfer SimulatorMeteorology
Automatic Range Transponder SystemElectronics
ARrmy Training StudyMilitary
Activities Reservations Tracking SystemTransportation
Arts Restoration Throughout SchoolsEducational
At Risk Talented StudentsEducational
Atlanta Reprographics and Typesetting ServicesCompanies & Firms
Artists Rendering Their ServicesPerforming Arts
Academic Requirement Tracking SystemUniversities
All Range Tactical SquadronMilitary
Action Real Time StrategyGaming
A Reason to SurviveUnclassified
Action Review Tracking SystemUnclassified
Asphalt Rubber Technology ServiceCompanies & Firms
Acquisition Requirements Tracking SystemUnclassified
Addiction Research and Treatment ServicesResearch
Alignment Reference Transfer SystemUnclassified
Alpha Repertory Television ServiceUnclassified
Austin Revitalizing The ShoresCommunity
Automation Result Triage SystemUnclassified
Action Real-Time StrategyUnclassified
Adaptive Restraint Technology SystemAutomotive
Advanced Road Traffic SystemsAutomotive
Advanced Rural Transportation SystemTransportation
Advocacy, Research, Training and ServicesMiscellaneous
American Race Truck SeriesAutomotive
American Radio Telephone SystemIT
Area Rapid Transit SystemUnclassified
Association of Retail Technology StandardsIT
Automated Resource Tracking SystemNASA
Symposium on Small Computers in the ARTSConferences

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