What does ASCP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ASCP:



American Society for Clinical PathologyLaboratory
Advanced Supply Chain PlanningGeneral Business
Aviation System Capacity PlanTransportation
Association of Swiss Compost PlantsFarming & Agriculture
American Society of Clinical PathologistsSocieties
Australasian Society for Continental PhilosophySocieties
Airman Scholarship and Commissioning ProgramMilitary
ASC Pacific CompanyCompanies & Firms
Association of State Chamber ProfessionalsAssociations
Annie Sloan Chalk PaintUnclassified
Airman Scholarship Commissioning ProgramUnclassified
Atlantic Science Curriculum ProjectUniversities
Armenia School Connectivity ProgramUS Government
Amateur Station Control ProtocolAmateur Radio
American Society for Cruelty PreventionSocieties
Airman Scholarship & Commissioning ProgramUnclassified
American Society of Clinical PsychopharmacologySocieties
American Society of Consultant PharmacistsProfessional Organizations
American Society of Consulting PlannersSocieties
Army Small Computer ProgramMilitary
Associated Skin Care ProfessionalsProfessional Organizations

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