What does ASSIST stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ASSIST:



Automated Systems Security Incident Support TeamMilitary
Army System for Standard Intelligence Support TerminalsMilitary
Assistant Superintendent for School Improvement Supervision and TrainingOccupation & Positions
Active Students Serving Instructing Socializing TogetherUniversities
Australian Social Skills For International Students TrainingUniversities
Advanced Students Supporting Instructing And Servicing TechnologyUniversities
Activities, Services, and Special Initiative Support TeamCommunity
Alphabetic Sound Symbol Instruction Systematically TaughtEducational
Alcohol Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening TestUnclassified
Alliance for Solid State Illumination Systems and TechnologiesAlliances
Aid to Special Saints In Strategic TimesUnclassified
Alcohol Smoking and SubstanceUnclassified
Adolescent Support Service And Independence Skills TrainingCommunity
Aid to Suffering Saints In Serious TroubleUnclassified
Aiding in Sustainable Solutions International Support TeamUnclassified
Associated Security Services and Investigators of the State of TexasUnclassified
Advanced Soldier Sensor Information System and TechnologyMilitary
Accreditation Standards Site Integrating System ToolsetUnclassified
Active Student Support for Independence Skills and TransitionStudents
Adult Services Skills Information and Support TeamUnclassified
Applicafion Submission System Interface for Submission TrackingUnclassified
Application for Social Services and Internet Screening ToolInternet
Application Submission System Interface for Submission TrackingUnclassified
Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable TransformationSocieties
American Stop Smoking Intervention STudyUniversities
Articulation System Stimulating Interinstitutional Student TransferEducational
Association for Information Management & Technology Staff in the NHSBritish Medicine

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