What does ATB stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ATB:



All The BestChat
Across The BoardUS Government
All Terrain BikeTransportation
Active Time BattleMilitary
All Terrain BoardingHobbies
All Terrain BicycleCycling
Associative Topology BusNetworking
Asphalt Treated BaseTransportation
America The BeautifulMusic
Amazon Tree BoaVeterinary
Active Time BarMilitary
Automated Ticketing and BoardingAircraft & Aviation
Articulated Tug and BargeTransportation
Above-ground Telecommunications BackboneTelecom
Association Tripartite BoursesGeneral Business
Advanced Training BaseMilitary
Aviation Test BoardMilitary
Accounting Terminology BulletinsAccounting
Ability Tone BlackCommunity
Active Timed BattleUnclassified
Asked To BuyUnclassified
Automated Torpedo BoatShipping & Sailing
American The BeautifulUnclassified
Atlanta Thorough BredsUnclassified
Aged Trial BalanceAccounting
Ability To BenefitSchools
Automatische TreinbeïnvloedingDutch
Appellate Tax BoardTax
All Terrian BinocularsProducts
All Tobacco BurstUnclassified
Annual Technology BaselineTechnology
Around the BuoysUnclassified
Advanced Thermal BatteriesUnclassified
Arch, Top, and BackArchitecture
All Terrain BikesUnclassified
Automated Topology BuilderUnclassified
Azienda Trasporti BergamoUnclassified
Alberta Treasury BranchesUnclassified
Approved Training BodyUnclassified
Abandon The BoxUnclassified
acronym on the AbbreviationsUnclassified
Action Timed BattleUnclassified
After the BellUnclassified
Alberta Treasury BranchUnclassified
All Terrain BassUnclassified
All Terrain BinocularsUnclassified
Alternative Technology BaseTechnology
Arizona Travel BallTravel & Tourism
Articulated Tug BargeUnclassified
Articulated Tug BargesUnclassified
Arts Transcending BordersArt
Atmospheric Tower BottomsUnclassified
Automated Ticket and BoardingUnclassified
Advanced Technology BomberMilitary
Alberta Treasury Branches aka ATB FinancialCanadian
All Terrain BoardCycling
All Things BrightBusiness
All Trunks BusyTelecom
All-Terrain BikeCycling
Amsterdam Trade BankDutch
Andy Timmons BandMusic
Anti-Tank BattalionMilitary
Arab Tunisian BankBanking
Around the Bay Road RaceCanadian
Atrium Innovations IncorporatedToronto Stock Exchange

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