What does ATIP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ATIP:



Absolute Time In PreUnclassified
Access to InformationUnclassified
Atlantic Trade and Investment PartnershipInternational Business
Access To Information and PrivacyCyber & Security
Actual Thrift Investment PercentageInvestments
Attributed Tip Income ProgramRestaurants
Absolute Time In PregrooveHardware
Assistive Technology Infusion ProjectTechnology
access toUnclassified
Accelerated Translational Incubator PilotUnclassified
Alternate Training Instructional ProgramUnclassified
Area Transportation Improvement ProgramTransportation
Asian Technology Information ProgramAsian
Assino Technological Integration PlatformUnclassified
Automated Threat Intelligence PlatformUnclassified
Automated Track Inspection ProgramUnclassified

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