What does ATP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ATP:



Adenosine Tri-PhosphatePhysiology
Advanced Technology ProgramHuman Genome
Adult Treatment PanelCommunity
Available To PromiseGeneral Business
Airline Transport PilotTransportation
Association of Tennis ProfessionalsTennis
Automatic Train ProtectionRailroads
ATtending PhysicianPhysiology
Appletalk Transaction ProtocolNetworking
Acceptance Test PlanMilitary
Air Transport PilotOccupation & Positions
Availability To PromiseUnclassified
Allied Tactical PublicationMilitary
Advanced Test ProductsGeneral Business
Alternative Transient ProgramLaw & Legal
Adenosine Triphos PhateUnclassified
Ammunition Transfer PointMilitary
Approved Training ProviderEducational
Acquisition Tracking and PointingMilitary
All Terrain PickupUnclassified
All Tomorrows PartyFunnies
All That PowerUnclassified
Ambient Temperature and PressureChemistry
All Things PossibleReligion
All Tests PassedGeneral Computing
Aitape, Papua New GuineaAirport Codes
Adaption To Technical ProgressUnclassified
Al The PalFunnies
American Tennis PsychologistsCompanies & Firms
Anonymous Tennis PlayersFunnies
Autotransformer Thermal ProtectionElectronics
Adenisyne Tri PhosphateUnclassified
American Tennis PromotionTennis
All Terrain ProfessionalUnclassified
Attempt To PleaseUnclassified
AsociaciĆ³n de Traductores Profesionales, A.C.Mexican
Active Time PenaltyUnclassified
Ask The PopularsUnclassified
Adenosine Tri PhosphateaUnclassified
Association of Topping PandasFunnies
Across The PondGeneral Business
Asymmetric Transport ProtocolNetworking
After Tax ProfitTax
Accelerated Training ProgramNASA
Academically Talented ProgramUnclassified
adenosine (5'-)triphosphatePhysiology
As Time PermitsChat
Atlas Pacific LTD.ASX Symbols
Assistive Technology PractitionerTechnology
Active Transportation ProgramTransportation
Administrators Teachers and ParentsEducational
Automatic Transmission PartsUnclassified
Adenosine Tri PhosphateUnclassified
Adenosine Triphosphate The PUnclassified
Alaska Teacher PlacementAlaska
Accidental Tech PodcastUnclassified
Advanced Technology PartnerTechnology
Alternative Transients ProgramUnclassified
Another Teaching PeriodUnclassified
Association for the Tutoring ProfessionAssociations
Association of Telecom ProfessionalsTelecom
Airline Transport PilotsTransportation
All Terrain PikachuFunnies
All Tomorrow's PartiesUnclassified
Aluminum Tire PumpProducts
Assistive Technology PartnershipTechnology
adenosine triphosphate In processesUnclassified
Adenosine Triphosphate PubChemUnclassified
Advance Trainfire ProgramUnclassified
Advanced Technology ProductsProducts
Advanced Technology ProgramsTechnology
Advanced Threat ProtectionUnclassified
All The PeopleUnclassified
Assistive Technology ProfessionalTechnology
Association of Test PublishersAssociations
Acceptance Test ProcedureNASA
Accorde Transports PerissableTransportation
According To ProtocolBritish Medicine
Action Team for PartnershipCommunity
Acute Tonsilar pharyngitisBritish Medicine
Adenosine triphosphateHuman Genome
Advance Targeting PodMilitary
Advanced Test in PsychologyBritish Medicine
Alcohol Treatment ProgramCommunity
Alert Transponder PanelAircraft & Aviation
All Trace ParticlesChemistry
Armenia Tree ProjectNon-Profit Organizations
Assembly, Testing, and PackagingSoftware
Association for Teaching PsychologyBritish Medicine
Association for Transpersonal PsychologyBritish Medicine
Atlantic Power CorporationToronto Stock Exchange
Authorised Training PrincipalAccounting
Authority To ProceedBritish Medicine
Authorization To ProceedNASA
autoimmune thrombocytopaeniaBritish Medicine
Automated Test PanelUnclassified

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