What does AVT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AVT:



Avnet, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Auditory Verbal TherapyPhysiology
Advanced Valvestate TechnologyTechnology
Advanced Vehicle TechnologyMilitary
Auditory Verbal TherapistOccupation & Positions
Auditory Verbal TrainingEducational
Accelerated Vesication TestElectronics
Avatar A3E coding fileFile Extensions
Added Value TechnologiesCompanies & Firms
Appearances, Vanishes, and TranspositionsPerforming Arts
Appearances Vanishes TranspositionsUnclassified
Applied Vehicle TechnologyTechnology
Allied Vision TechnologiesUnclassified
Advanced vision TechnologyTechnology
Asian Vision TelevisionAsian
Adaptive Visual TechnologyTechnology
Advanced Valve TechnologiesUnclassified
Advanced Vehicle TechnologiesTransportation
Advanced Visual TechnologyTechnology
Analysis and Visualization ToolkitUnclassified
Angie Vy and TashaUnclassified
Anti Vibration TechnologyTechnology
Anti Vibration TopUnclassified
Applied Veterinary TechnologiesVeterinary
Applied Video TechnologyTechnology
Asia Van TransferUnclassified
Audio Video TransportUnclassified
Audio Visual TelecommunicationsTelecom
Audio/Video TransportUnclassified
Automatic Video TrackerUnclassified
Advanced Valvestate TheyUnclassified
All Volatile TreatmentUnclassified
All-Volatile TreatmentChemistry
Automated Voice TechnologyGeneral Computing
BNP Paribas Agrinvest Preferred SharesLondon Stock Exchange
Training Aircraft Carrier (Auxiliary, heaVier-than-air, Training)Shipping & Sailing

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