What does AWR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AWR:



Adventist World RadioNews & Media
American States Water CompanyNYSE Symbols
Army War ReservesMilitary
Ammunition War ReserveMilitary
Anti White RacistUnclassified
Automatic Workload RepositoryDatabases
Agency Workers RegulationsCareer
All Ways RockinUnclassified
Abdominal Wall ReconstructionUnclassified
Advanced Web RankingUnclassified
Advantage Weighted RegressionUnclassified
Air Worthiness ReleaseUnclassified
Alaska Water ResourcesAlaska
Allen W RobertsUnclassified
Alloy Wheel RepairUnclassified
Alternate Wingnut RealityUnclassified
Alternate World RecordingsUnclassified
American Warmblood RegistryUnclassified
American Water ResourcesUnclassified
Architecture Workshop in RomeArchitecture
Automatically workload repositoryUnclassified
Airworthiness Release AuthorityAircraft & Aviation
Anthony Woodford RacingRacing

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