What does AWS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AWS:



Advanced Warning SystemMilitary
American Welding SocietyProfessional Organizations
Amazon Web ServicesSoftware
Advanced Wireless ServicesTelecom
American Warmblood SocietyVeterinary
Automatic Warning SystemUnclassified
Air Weather ServiceMilitary
Akcja Wyborcza SolidarnoscUnclassified
All Wheel SteeringTransportation
STATGRAPHICS DataFile Extensions
Ada Web ServerUnclassified
Alternative Wrestling ShopWrestling
Att Wireless ServiceUnclassified
Analyst WorkstationMilitary
Automated Weather ServiceMeteorology
Alba Waldensian, Inc.AMEX Symbols
Automated Warning SystemMilitary
Amplify Weak SectorUnclassified
All Weather ShoeUnclassified
Advanced Wet StationElectronics
Air Warfare SectionMilitary
Auditor's Work StationAccounting
Auditors Work StationAccounting
Amiga Withdrawal SyndromeSyndromes
Alternative Widget SetUnclassified
Analyzing Writing StrategiesLanguage & Literature
Advanced Widget SetUnclassified
Adaptative Window SwitchingSoftware
Angry Wall SexUnclassified
Arnold Welding SupplyUnclassified
Alternate World SystemUnclassified
Annual Wage SupplementAccounting
Alternate Work ScheduleFDA
Alternative Work ScheduleGeneral Business
All Women StalkUnclassified
American Watercolor SocietySocieties
Arens Wrong SupportersUnclassified
Automatic Weather StationUnclassified
Awkwardly Weak SecurityUnclassified
Auto Write SpeedUnclassified
Axillary Web SyndromeOncology
Advanced Wireless ServiceUnclassified
Advanced Wireless Services…Unclassified
Alliance for Water StewardshipAlliances
American Wine SocietySocieties
Ants With SlippersUnclassified
As We SingUnclassified
Automated Weather SourceUnclassified
Alternative Water SupplyEnvironmental
As We SpeakChat
Attack Weapon SystemMilitary

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