What does B.LI.S stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand B.LI.S:



Bacteriocin Like Inhibitory SubstancesLaboratory
Bilingual Laws Information SystemLaw & Legal
Building Lifecycle Interoperable SoftwareMilitary
Basic Load Inspection SystemMilitary
Beltmann Logistics Information SystemGeneral Computing
Business License Information ServiceGeneral Business
Bacteriocin Like Inhibitory SubstanceUnclassified
Block Level Incremental SynthesisUnclassified
Berkeley Laboratory Information SystemsLaboratory
Business Licensing Information SystemBusiness
BiCePS Linear Integer SolverUnclassified
Basic Laboratory Information SystemLaboratory
Best Life Information SystemUnclassified
Breast Leakage Inhibitor SystemUnclassified
Berkeley Lab Information SystemsUnclassified
Business License Information SystemState & Local
Bilkent Laboratory and International SchoolLaboratory
Bitame Lucia International SchoolInternational

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