What does B.M.S stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand B.M.S:



Building Management SystemGeneral Business
Bemis, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Burning Mouth SyndromePhysiology
Basic Mapping SupportGeneral Computing
Baptist Missionary SocietyGeneral Computing
Battlefield Management SystemMilitary
Business Management SystemGeneral Business
Bachelor of Management StudiesAcademic Degrees
Body Mind SpiritUnclassified
Blacksburg Middle SchoolSchools
Basic Mapping ServicesMilitary
Body Mind And SoulUnclassified
Batch Mail ServerNetworking
Building Maintenance SystemUnclassified
Becker Middle SchoolSchools
Berlin Mills Railway IncorporatedRailroads
Bandugodu Madanapalli SreenivasiahUnclassified
Burning Management SystemProducts
Basal Metabolic SymptomPhysiology
Bernd-Michael Schroeder Sailing Wear, GmbHCompanies & Firms
Books Materials And ShippingUnclassified
Bristol Myers SquibbUnclassified
Broadcast Management SegmentManagement
Broke my scaleFunnies
Broadcast Management SystemManagement
Battery Management SystemElectronics
Boeing Material SpecificationUnclassified
Bankruptcy Management SolutionsBanking
Building Maintenance ServiceUnclassified
Bondada Manikanta SrinivasUnclassified
bachelor in Management StudiesManagement
Bahrain Management SocietySocieties
Bedford Middle SchoolSchools
Blowing My S***Chat
Building Management SystemsManagement
Bureau of Medical ServicesBritish Medicine
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Building Management ServicesArchitecture
Brentwood Middle SchoolSchools
The Blg Mosolf SystemsUnclassified
Bachelor of Management ScienceManagement
Bayesian Model SamplingUnclassified
Beaufort Middle SchoolSchools
Bhutan Media SocietyNews & Media
Blacklist Mastering SystemUnclassified
Breast Milk StudyUnclassified
Broadcast Microwave ServicesUnclassified
Be A MessChat
Body Mind and SpiritUnclassified
Benefit Marketing SolutionsMarketing
Bureau for Medical ServicesMedical
Business Management SolutionsManagement
Bachelor of Mountaineering StudiesAcademic Degrees
Bachelors in Mountaineering StudiesAcademic Degrees
Ballistic Missile SubmarineMilitary
Baltimore Medical SystemMedical
Bare Metal StentBritish Medicine
Bare Metal StentsUnclassified
Base Management SystemManagement
Basic Medical SciencesMedical
Basso Mouse ScaleUnclassified
Battery Management SystemsManagement
Beautiful Moderate SkinUnclassified
Beef Marbling ScoreUnclassified
Beef Marbling StandardUnclassified
Behavioural Management and SocialManagement
Belgian Monitoring SystemsUnclassified
Belzer Middle SchoolSchools
Bemidji Middle SchoolSchools
Benicia Middle SchoolSchools
Benton Middle SchoolSchools
Berlin Mathematica SchoolSchools
Berlin Mathematical SchoolSchools
Bettendorf Middle SchoolSchools
Billy Madison ShowUnclassified
Binary MultiEx ScriptsUnclassified
Bluestone Middle SchoolSchools
Bohannon Middle SchoolSchools
Bookcliff Middle SchoolSchools
Bow Memorial SchoolSchools
Breeding Management SystemManagement
Broadcast Message ServerUnclassified
Broker Management SystemManagement
Budget Management SystemManagement
Bulletin de M├ęthodologieUnclassified
Bureau of Mediation ServicesNews & Media
Burner Management SystemManagement
Burner Management SystemsManagement
Burns Morris StewartUnclassified
Bus Management SystemManagement
Business Machine Security Business Machine SecurityBusiness
Business Management SchoolBusiness
Business Management SolutionBusiness
Butler Manufacturing ServicesManufacturing
جمعية الإداريين البحرينيةSocieties
Bachelor of Medical ScienceBritish Medicine
Bachelor of Medical SciencesAcademic Degrees
Bachelor of Midwifery StudiesBritish Degree
Background Measurement SatelliteNASA
Bajra Mandala SaktiIndonesian
Bandwidth Management ServicesIT
Bangkok Motor ShowAutomotive
Barcelona Motor ShowAutomotive
Basement MembranesBritish Medicine
Basic Management SystemIT
Bass Management SystemIT
Battery Management SoftwareAutomotive
Battery Monitoring SystemAutomotive
Battle Management SystemMilitary
Be My SideChat
Beat Mania SoundMusic
Beijing Motor ShowAutomotive
Berlin Mills Railway (St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad)Railroads
Berlingo MultispaceAutomotive
Berserk Male SyndromeVeterinary
Bio Metric SystemComputing
biomedical scientistBritish Medicine
Bitdefender Management ServerIT
Bitdefender Mobile SecurityIT
Black Mesa SourceHobbies
Blackman Motor SpeedwayAutomotive
Blue Magic SlotIT
Bmw Mobility SetAutomotive
Boeing Materal SpecificationProducts
Boeing Material StandardAircraft & Aviation
Boil-Off Management SystemAutomotive
Bologna Motor ShowAutomotive
Bone Marrow ScintigraphyBritish Medicine
Boot Memory SelectIT
Borneo Motors SingaporeAutomotive
Boston Museum of ScienceMuseums
Botswana Motor SportAutomotive
Bowel MovementsMedical
Braemar ShipLondon Stock Exchange
Brake Management SystemAutomotive
Brick Mason's SchoolSchools
Bridge Management SystemAutomotive
Bristol Motor SpeedwaySports
British Motor ShowAutomotive
British Motor SyndicateAutomotive
British Mycological SocietySocieties
Broadcast Media StaffFDA
Broadcast Message ServiceIT
Brussels Motor ShowAutomotive
Buffalo Motor BusAutomotive
Bufori Motor SportsAutomotive
Bureau of Medicine and SurgeryBritish Medicine
Busan Motor ShowAutomotive
Business Music SystemIT
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