What does BAN stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BAN:



BalineseLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Bond Anticipation NoteGeneral Business
Bust A NutFunnies
Building Area NetworkTelecom
Ban All NetsUnclassified
Beyond Affairs NetworkUnclassified
Basongo, ZaireAirport Codes
Bytch Azz NiUnclassified
Billing Account NumberTelecom
Bannerman Resources LimitedToronto Stock Exchange
Basset Art├ęsien NormandUnclassified
British approved Approved NameBritish Medicine
Beirut Animation NetworkUnclassified
Breath Activated NebulizerUnclassified
British Approved NameBritish Medicine
Brothers Across the NationsUnclassified
Българска Академия на НаукитеSocieties
Academia Brasileira de NeurologiaSocieties
Bʹʹlgarska Akademiâ na NaukiteSocieties
Bachelor of Arts in NursingBritish Medicine
Banco Lat.8%pfdLondon Stock Exchange
Basel Action NetworkElectronics
Brazilian Academy of NeurologySocieties
British Association of NeurologistsBritish Medicine
Budget Allocation NoticeNASA
Bulgarian Academy of SciencesSocieties

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